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Do yo have a primary challenger?
Is this your first time running for office?
Do you have a campaign manager?
Do you agree that life begins at conception, and that there is no exception for which abortion should be legal? (This question does not refer to ectopic pregnancy.) *
Do you believe that recreational drugs (i.e., marijuana, cocaine, etc.) should be legal? *
Do you believe that prostitution should be legal? *
Do you believe that all forms of gambling should be legal?
Do you believe that the US prison system should be abolished for violent crime?
Do you agree with a military draft of females ages 18-25?
If you are a business owner or involved in law enforcement, have you participated in enforcing any unconstitutional orders on your employees throughout the course of the last two years including mandatory testing, tracking, tracing, quarantining, masking or vaccinating?


Please choose the answer that most accurately alligns with your own personal beliefs

1. Parents’ Rights: We believe that Parents have the right to determine the curriculum and the cultural and moral values taught to their children in school, and Parents alone should provide the final and unquestioned consent for any and all medical procedures, counseling, or therapy provided to their children by any institution or organization.

2. Human Dignity: We believe that a child's dignity is violated through the presentation of pornography, trans-sexualism, sexism, racism (critical race theory), and attempts to devalue the family in school.

3.  Merit: We believe that state education policies should pivot from social justice, or 'equity' programs to more academic courses with higher standards. State standards should promote academic rigor.

4.  Merit: We believe that academically gifted courses and advanced placement courses should be based strictly on entrance exam scores and grades.

5.  Parental Rights: We believe that children belong to their families, not to the government. Accordingly, legislators should refrain from interfering with parental authority except in cases of abuse.

6. Saving Our Girls: We believe that boys don't belong in the girsl bathroom or playing on girls sports teams.

7.  Saving Our Girls: We believe that boys who are arrested by law enforcement for sexually assaulting or raping girls on campus or off should be removed from traditional schooling until formally charged by the DA. Should the DA decline to try a case, the accused should be allowed back to campus. However if the case goes to trial, the accused should remain in alternative schooling until a sentence reached. If found gulity, the accused should be permanently expelled from traditional schooling.

8. School Discipline: We believe in zero tolerance policies for serious offenses (assaults, theft, drugs, rapes) because they are clear guidelines of expectations and consequences that make students accountable. Zero tolerance policies are fast-acting interventions that project the message that major offenses are not tolerated in school under any circumstances

9. Government oversight: We believe that legislators should be focused on investigations, audits, and inspections of the Department of Public instruction as it takes taxpayer funds that contribute to a broken system.

10. Local Control: We believe that North Carolina legislators should refrain from taking money from the Feds (just 10% of education budget) because it comes with strings attached. Education decisions should be made as locally as possible, reflecting the priorities and values of the parents and residents of the local community.

11. School Choice: We believe that parents should have the right to choose where their children are educated and should have the choice to direct their tax dollars to the educational institution of their choice.

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