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Protect  North Carolina's Disabled  Preschoolers 

On January 7th, 2022 North Carolina's public schools became the most radically divisive system in the country. 


Please join North Carolina's largest education groups: Education First Alliance, and No Left Turn in Education in asking the House Select Committee on an Education System for NC's Future, and the Education Appropriations Committee to halt the funding of a state-wide preschool program that pushes critical race theory in special education classrooms.


The $7M to fund the program came from the IDEA Preschool Handicapped Grant awarded to the state by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) at the US Department of Education.

This year the "Equity and Cultural Responsiveness in the Early Childhood Classroom" training was offered to special needs pre-K teachers through the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI), and aligned with the NC Professional Teacher Standards.


During the program's "Identity" module, teachers are told that whiteness affects everything outside of the classroom, and that the goal of pre-K is to "deconstruct" whiteness for all students. Deconstructing whiteness, they explain, is challenging whiteness and building skills to be accountable to people of color.












Teaching 3 to 5 year olds to question scientific, social and historical facts is another program directive. So is getting them to question issues of power and control in their lives.

Teachers are told that pervasive racism means children are never safe. In lieu of supervising children for their safety, teachers are instructed to consider that "control" is based on white culture and a white supremacist mindset. Instead teachers are told to use social emotional learning.


Tell Legislators to DEFUND NC Department of Instruction's & Frank Porter Graham's Critical Race Theory Programing in Pre-K

Email and call these members of the General Assembly to share the details of this divisive and cruel programming undertaken by the DPI.  

Tell them that we will NOT allow innocent disabled preschoolers to be taught racial hatred in our name! We ask them to rescind the task order with UNC Chapel Hill - Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center and to re-appropriate its $7 million price tag for uses other than teaching racial hatred.

Share these articles, facts, and anything else that you think will best inform lawmakers.

** REMIND Senator Berger and Representative Moore that they drafted and passed bill 324 that would make this program illegal. They recognize that racial discrimination is unlawful! Therefore they should be able to stop the funding of this program on that basis alone because it uses federal funds for training teachers to discriminate against and to punish children based on skin color.


Speaker of the House: Tim Moore 919-733-3451

President Pro Tempore: Sen. Phil Berger (919) 733-5708


Rep. John Torbett, Gaston County,, 704-263-9282

Rep. Hugh Blackwell, Burke County,, 919-733-5805

Rep. Pat Hurley, Randolph County,, 336-625-9210

Rep David Willis, Union County,, 919-733-2406

Rep. Cecil Brockman, Guilford CountyCecil.Brockman@ncleg.gov919-733-5825

Rep. Brian Farkas, Pitt County,, 919-733-5757

Rep. Rachel Hunt, Mecklenburg County,, 919-733-5800

Rep. Phil Sheppard, Onslow County, Phil.Shepard@ncleg.gov910-389-6392

Rep. Jeff Zenger, Forsyth County,, 919-733-5787

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