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Why This Policy is Coming to Your Child's School This Year

Updated: Oct 3, 2022


“Why are our children now being tracked when they go to the bathroom?” Greenville, North Carolina parents are asking the school board this question.

Students at D.H. Conley High School say they now have to fill out a Google form instead of raising their hands to use the restroom. Apparently, in-school suspension could be imposed if a student does not return to class after seven minutes.

According to a spokesperson for Pitt County schools, the new measure is meant to enhance student safety.

In light of the tragic events in state schools this week, this policy makes sense. Last week, a stabbing attack at Northside High School in Jacksonville killed one student and injured two others. This week, a thirteen-year-old boy allegedly hung himself in a middle-school bathroom in Wendell.

This year, public school parents across the state must prepare themselves for tightly regulated bathroom access.

A month ago, Education First Alliance published an exclusive about the new Title IX policy at Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools (CMS). Boys and girls can now use whatever bathroom facilities they want, whenever they want. According to Biden's revised Title IX rules, K-12 schools will have to make bathrooms and locker rooms co-ed or risk losing Federal funding. No doubt school boards across North Carolina are currently revising bathroom policies to meet the coming changes.


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