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While American Heroes Die, Senator Jay Chaudhuri Raises Cash For CRT.

By Savannah Hulsey Pointer

As Americans were grappling with the heartwrenching news that 13 Servicemen were killed in Afghanistan, North Carolinians became aware of just how callus some politicians can be.

Senate Minority Whip Democrat Jay Chaudhuri sent an anti-patriotic, divisive fundraising email hours after news broke of the suicide bombing that took the lives of three heroes stationed in North Carolina.

Senator Jay Chaudhuri

Chaudhuri asks North Carolinians to "chip in" to support a school system where teachers routinely flaunt BLM flags, posters, T'Shirts, and face masks. The Marxist, anti-American BLM organization promotes "Blue Lives Murder" and claims "all cops are bastards." These offenses, and more, were outlined in a report from Lt. Governor Mark Robinson's office, which also indicated that the expression of "pro-police" is not allowed in schools. The fact that an overwhelming majority of police officers are military veterans is lost on no one.

But Chaudhuri asks voters to "chip in" to support critical race theory, but the question potential donors should ask is, what is Chaudhuri chipping away at while in office?

Chaudhuri tipped his hand, showing his support for propaganda, race-baiting, and his penchant to support division. His tone-deaf fundraiser displays clearly and concisely that he is choosing instead to lift up an anti-American ideology that seeks to divide children by race, gender, sexuality. And it was done on the day when America was grieving.

This week, we are seeing the names and faces of the Americans who lost their lives in pursuit of freedom; we gather our tattered faith in the current political system and ask ourselves how to keep these tragedies from happening in the future. We may not yet know how to fully pay tribute to the lives lost in the last week, but if history and common sense are any indicators, it's not through division by race, suppression of conflicting ideologies, and it's not by propping up those who benefit from those ideals.

America, and America's children, are worth so much more than that.



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