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When will NC legislators help stop child sterilization & butchery?

Updated: Jan 24

For years, Republicans in the general assembly have failed to act. Now that the caucus has added more conservative members, will they act?

by: Sloan Rachmuuth

Brooke Weiss, an activist in Charlotte, took to Twitter over the weekend to blast a cosmetic surgeon for showcasing her "top surgeries" for girls.

Yesterday, Daily Wire picked up the story:

A North Carolina cosmetic surgeon who posts photos of patients on whom she has performed radical surgeries to remove their breasts or genitalia reportedly posted a photo of a 15-year-old girl who had her breasts removed.
Dr. Hope Sherie, a “double board-certified surgeon with over two decades of experience and a gift for long-term client relationships,” according to her website, had formerly served as an Air Force surgeon. Sherie’s website includes “before” and “after” photos of clients who have had the radical surgeries and one photo allegedly showed a 15-year-old who underwent a double mastectomy.

Charlotte is home to one of the state’s leading sites specializing in child sterilization and brainwashing. Levine Children's Center for Gender Health administers puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and “gender-affirming” psychiatric treatments to children below the age of consent.

As the North Carolina child butchery industry ramps up, the UK, Sweden, and other countries who have allowed the practice for years are shutting down. Why? Because what goes in inside these clinics has destroyed a generation of children.

Legislation to curb sex-change procedures in schools and transgender grooming has stalled in the general assembly for years.

Republicans in the senate introduced the "Youth Health Protection Act" in April 2021. It would fine or revoke the licenses of doctors who give minors irreversible treatments like puberty blockers and sex change operations.

Senate Bill 514 would have also required school officials to notify parents if children wanted to “socially transition” to a gender not assigned at birth.

Speaker Pro Temp Phil Berger declined to put the bill up for a vote.

Then came the “Save Women’s Sports Act” that would recognize “that the inherent, physiological differences between 2 males and females result in different athletic capabilities.”

Speaker Moore stopped the bill from receiving up or down vote. At the time, Moore said, “We’re not really hearing any complaints about that where it’s an issue.”

Mitch Kokai, John Locke Foundation’s senior political analyst said this at the time:

“Speaker Moore’s announcement about the school sports bill represents a clear-headed assessment of facts on the ground, much like the Senate’s earlier decision to stop a bill addressing transgender medical treatments.
“Regardless of the merits of either piece of legislation, there was no chance that either would become law. The only certain outcome would have been protests and criticism. The backlash would have distracted lawmakers from addressing more pressing priorities.”

Translation: “Up here in Raliegh, we can’t be bothered defending children and families against the evilest movement since eugenics because we’re afraid of protests.”

If this characterization is correct, it's unacceptable.

Last summer, the Senate passed the Parental Rights Act, which also sought to keep parents informed by school administrators of their child’s desire to change genders. The bill also would have made teaching children in K-3 about sexuality unlawful.

But again, Speaker Moore did not put the bill up for a vote.


Should these bills come back up this session, Republican legislators from purple districts may try dissuading the leadership and Rules committee to hold a vote for fear of losing support.

That fear is unfounded.

It turns out that even the New York Times is warning about the dangers of schools socially transitioning children. This weekend, the Left-wing rag published stories from parents who admitted what we already know - children with issues like autism, bipolar, and schizophrenia are targeted with secret “gender support plans” in schools.

Predictably, parents are suing school districts over rights violations.

Know who agrees with these parents?

Prominent clinical psychologist, and transexual, Erica Anderson who regularly treats children with gender dysphoria.

Anderson told the New York Times:

“I don’t want to be erased as a transgender person, and I don’t want anyone’s prerogatives or identity to be taken away from them . . but on this one, I’m aligned with people who are willing to advocate for parents.”

In 2022, more than two dozen states attempted to restrict or ban irreversible "gender-affirming" treatment for children. Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia will take measures in 2023.

If Republicans in Raliegh refuse to stand up to the Left and balk at passing bills to protect children and families this session, the party could see its majorities evaporate in 2024.

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