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We Posted This and Radical Left Teachers Walked Right Into Our Trap

Online chaos erupted after Wilmington teachers were publicly warned about harassing parents.

By: Staff

Last week we reported that New Hannover County schools put a “gender support plan” in place to keep from parents a child’s “gender” change and to instead assign another adult at school to give one-on-one support to a child “transitioning.”

Over the last decade, 13 teachers in the district have been fired or resigned after they were found to have abused children sexually while school administrators allegedly ignored the incidents. Children were often left alone with teachers when the abuse took place.

So, we made this post in the name of see-something-say-something and radical teachers began hyperventilating about our transparency efforts. The response was immediate and intense.

This 8th-grade math teacher at Ray Street Academy in Asheville wants to publish the addresses of parents who want to hold teachers accountable so that they may be harassed, or worse.

From a self-identified former special educator at Nash County Public Schools:

From a school-based mental health counselor in Wilmington:

There is some supreme irony here: We have been warning parents about teachers' hostility towards parents fighting for school accountability, now here they are putting their contempt for parents on public display.

If you were to inform any of these teachers of your concerns, would you want them to supervise your tikes?

From a Wake County Public School teacher Kara (Schwartz) Gensor:

This is from a sweet fourth-grade teacher at Hickory Ridge Elementary in Cabarrus County:

From self-described instructional coach for teachers at the Department of Public Instruction:

Isn’t it amazing? The thought of losing control of what parents know about what happens in the classroom has caused a genuine hysteria in teachers’ lounges across North Carolina.

Here's Joshua Trivett who was supposed to be teaching his special education classes at Southeast Guilford High School at 1 PM yesterday, but instead he was leaving a bad review for our organization:

Mr. Eggleston was supposed to be guiding at-risk youth at Ray Street Academy in Burlington at around 11 AM on Thursday but he figured that chatting us up on Facebook was more important:

But these radicals know that we here at Education First Alliance mean business. They know we're serious about cleaning up our public schools and making them a safe and welcoming environment for all students.

1 comment

1 Comment

The comments by teachers show that they are scared stiff that they are being challenged so by First Education Alliance. Typical liberals lash out, talk about conspiracies, and never once provide credible information to counter the argument they are lashing out about.

The best response to these teachers is to invite them to debate in a public forum and when they refuse - because they will refuse - call them out publicly.

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