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Voters Oppose Child Sex Changes. Equality NC Pushes Them Anyway.

Powerful PAC with lobbyists keynotes medical conference promoting child sterilization and mutilation.

By: Sloan Rachmuth

TikTok Teen Trans Influencer

Equality NC is a lobbying and advocacy group that works tirelessly to stop bills that would protect children from sexual grooming. Equality NC is also a political action committee (PAC) that works to elect Democrat candidates in the Tarheel State. Among its endorsees are Senate candidate Cheri Beasley, and House candidates Jeff Jackson, Wiley Nichols, and Ray Jeffers.

Equality NC endorses these local school board candidates:

  • Millicent Rogers - Durham County

  • Natalie Beyer - Durham County

  • Amanda Cook - Guilford County

  • Judy Justice - New Hanover County

  • Sarah Smylie - Orange County

  • Lynn Edmonds - Wake County

  • Lindsay Mahaffey - Wake County

The PAC states it looks for candidates who will "build LGBTQ+ power through advocacy, and education in pursuit of racial and social justice."

This November, Equality NC’s Director of Education Policy Rebby Kern will be the keynote speaker at Wake Forest University School of Medicine’s Southern Trans Health and Wellness Conference aimed at doctors, nurses, psychologists, and social workers.

This is from the conference’s website:

Our goal is to bring together members of the transgender, nonbinary, intersex, and gender expansive community, health care professionals, educators, advocates, and researchers to provide a collaborative environment for supporting health and wellness through a social justice and racial equity lens.

The most disturbing aspect of the conference is the seminars on "Transitioning During Childhood" and "Puberty Blockers for Youth," likely designed to gaslight healthcare workers on the safety profile of the treatments.

According to the American College of Pediatrics, sex-change treatments for children are “experimental and dangerous.” The organization reports puberty blockers to have these serious risks for children:

  • Permanent sterility

  • Depression and emotional disturbances related to suicide

  • Osteoporosis

  • Seizures

  • Cognitive impairment

  • Increased risk of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, blood clots, and cancers across the lifespan

Americans Reject Child Sterilization and Mutilation

56% of voters support a ban on puberty blockers for children in one recent poll published by Fox News. When voters were asked if they supported children being forced into sex changes (groomed), a resounding 63% of respondents agreed that children were too young to make such a decision.

Another poll last published month showed that 62% of registered voters want puberty blockers banned for children in Texas. According to the CWS Research survey, 41% of newly-registered voters lean Democratic.

Supporting the practice of child grooming and sterilization is a campaign killer. Republican candidates should force their Democrat opponents supported by Equality NC to answer the following four questions:

  1. How do girls and women benefit from competing against boys in sports?

  2. Why aren't girls allowed to have their own public restrooms and changing rooms?

  3. How does showing children pornography in the classroom solve the literacy crisis that is plaguing schools?

  4. When will YOU speak out against the sterilization and mutilation of children brought to us by BIG Pharma and the child grooming lobby at Equality NC?

These pictures are what Equality NC is pushing on our children, and Republican candidates should also show them to every home in their district.


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