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UPDATE: Convicted child predator is still a licensed teacher in North Carolina. Why?

Updated: Mar 3

In spite of Education First Alliance and Gays Against Groomers reporting that convicted child sex offender Jeremy Flock had a valid license, and concerned citizens contacting Superintendent Catherine Truitt, the pedophile still appears on the Education Department's database.

Gays against Groomers NC's Brian Talbert and EFA president Sloan Rachmuth discussed Flock's case on Tuesday night's podcast:

On Monday, EFA reported that ex-teacher Jeremy Flock was able to hold onto his North Carolina teaching license months after being convicted of child exploitation, soliciting sex from a child, and felony possession of meth.

Flock taught band at Carolina International School in Concord for six years before he was suspended and then fired in March 2022 because of his arrest.

School officials from Cabarrus county said they reported Flock immediately to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) as required by law.

However, the DPI failed to investigate the district's allegation or to monitor criminal justice and public safety databases to see if Flock had ultimately been convicted.

As a result, the state’s “one-stop shop for educators, school systems, and the general public to verify North Carolina educators' licenses” lists Flock with a teaching valid license:

Screenshot from DPI's database taken March3,2023

A teacher's license must be revoked if they are convicted of a sex offense under North Carolina law.

Former State Superintendent Mark Johnson, Truitt's predecessor, reported teachers convicted of crimes as follows:

Screenshot from DPI's Revoked License Database


The public was outraged when it learned that North Carolina's school security system had failed:

In a December interview with PBS's Frontrow program, Superintendent Truitt said her team needed "six more years" to complete her vision for the state's education system.

School safety is purported to be part of Truitt's platform, according to political analysts in Raleigh.

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