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Transgender Studies Comes To Beaufort County

Updated: Sep 19

NC High school students are exposed to the Gender Unicorn to indoctrinate them into "queer theory."

by: Sloan Rachmuth

In the tenth grade, students are typically taught the physical, sexual, and emotional, changes that punctuate various life stages, especially adolescence. Lessons often include study of the male and female anatomy and physiology, reproductive systems, labor, and birth.

Some teachers at Beaufort County Early College High School (BCEC) have adopted an avant garde approach to sex ed.

Tenth graders in the county's top school are taught that the concept of biological sex is plain wrong. As part of BCEC's sophomore health class, students receive the now-famous Gender Unicorn handout to indoctrinate them into queer theory.

This Marxist ideology rejects traditional gender roles and male/female identities. It promotes the biologically contradictory idea that sexuality and gender are fluid and change on a dime. Queer theorists believe that gender is socially constructed, not biologically based. Traditional gender roles are oppressive and, thus, should be abolished.

The Gender Unicorn is a tool to illustrate this concept to school children as young as 4 years old.

Educators promoting queer theory teach children that they should be free to choose their own gender identity. These teachers work at normalizing gender confusion and even groom children to experiment with changing their "genders."

These radical social changes are often done at school and kept hidden from parents.

It is naive to think that children living in rural areas of the state are immune to being taught Marxist worldviews in schools. Parents should maintain communication channels with teachers, principals, and other parents in the district.

Only parental involvement and awareness can truly shield children from Marxism's dangerous ideologies like queer theory.

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