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The Lt. Governor VS The Gender Unicorn

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Mark Robinson vows to "fight against the leftist culture warriors who are trying to indoctrinate our children" in an email.

By: Nancy Andersen

Last week, our team briefed the Lt. Governor on questionable lessons given to children in public schools across the state. This weekend Mark Robinson's office sent out a campaign email featuring the Flying Gender Unicorn infographic that was given to students during a 5-week residential program called The Governors School.

Gender Unicorn Assignment at the NC Goveror's School

The Gender Unicorn lesson comes from the Trans Student Educational Resources, a national organization founded to teach trans activists to be organizers. The graphic's creator describes the "Unicorn" as being able to fly off, "escaping the limitations of gender binary." The illustration derives from the TSER (Trans Student Educational Resource), a national organization founded to teach trans activists to be organizers. TSER has this to say to the parents of children all across America:

Got that parents? Stop assuming that little Daryl is a boy and that little Dianne is a girl. TSER tells you to think of your tiny tots as a genderless blob waiting to be groomed into the desired gender of a particular "teacher" once they make their way into grade school.

We can confirm that this TSER teaching tool, and several others like it, are a part of the Governors School’s agenda to promote Transgender activism. Instructors use lectures and teaching material that inculcate students to believe that gender is a "social construct" that is "fluid" and can change on a whim.

Far from being a healthcare expert trained in the complexities of sexual development or genetics, the instructor who provided the Transgender lesson is a fringe-left activist.

The Governors School program, geared towards academically gifted students, is offered each summer by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), and promises to focus on math, English, and the arts. This summer, students attending this venerable program were also required to confess their "white and heterosexual privilege" after being primed with handouts. Unsurprisingly, "Intellectual Privilege" and "Christian Privilege" also made the Governor's School's list of undesirable identities that warranted a confession.

Parents who think that the state's Department of Public Instruction seeks to refine their gifted child's math and writing talents through this program are in for a rude awakening. The broad agenda of the Governor's School is to pressure students into changing their gender and instilling in them inappropriate guilt for participating in the esteemed Sumer program.

We are encouraged that the Lt. Governor is doubling-down on his commitment to end the "garbage being forced on our children." As a new school year is upon us, now is the time for him to help stop radical indoctrination in public school classrooms so that students will be spared future transgender pressure campaigns.



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