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The Impact of Title IX and Gender Identity on Girls' Rights and Privacy In NC Schools

Upholding civilization and the Constitution is at stake in protecting girls' rights

President of Education First Alliance, Sloan Rachmuth, and attorney Cory Brewer from the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty talk about current state laws banning males from competing against girls in athletics.

Allowing this undermines Title IX's original purpose, which is to provide equal opportunities for girls in sports.

Since Obama's administration, Democrats have forced a national debate about how Title IX applies to gender identity and sex. The inclusion of gender identity in the definition of sex discrimination is contrary to common sense.

The debate has raised concerns about girls' rights, especially in sports, privacy in bathrooms, and overall safety.

An incident in North Carolina sparked widespread attention when a high school girl injured herself playing volleyball against a biological male. EFA's article about the event led to the passage of the Fairness in Girls and Women's Sports Act. The measure requires schools and universities to designate girls' and women's sports teams based on biological sex, not gender identity.

States like Iowa, Indiana, Arizona, and Texas have implemented similar acts to protect girls. Voters favor separate sports categories for girls and boys. According to a recent Gallup poll, more Americans now (69%) than in 2021 (62%) believe male athletes should only compete on teams that match their birth gender.

Public interest law firms play a crucial role in challenging these regulations and protecting constitutional rights.

The Biden administration is set to issue new Title IX guidelines that could affect schools across North Carolina. "Once these rules are final, expected in the fall, I expect a slew of litigation all over the country," says Brewer. Public interest law firms like the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty will play an important role in pushing back against these onerous regulations.



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