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Teacher’s Union Celebrates Deadly BLM Riots — Calls Capitol Protest “Domestic Terrorist Attack”

NCAE’s support of support of violent BLM protests disqualifies the group from weighing in on the Capitol Hill protests.

By Savannah Pointer with Sloan Rachmuth

Mugshots of NCAE members arrested in protests. Courtesey A.P Dillon

The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) is nothing if not consistent in their barefaced hypocrisy. Last week, the far-left teachers' group published a statement on their FaceBook page that read:

“The violence and mayhem we are witnessing in Washington today is yet another symptom of the disease we have been fighting since before the founding of our nation: White Supremacy. These actions amount to nothing short of a domestic terrorist attack on our country and on our very democracy.”

The statement, signed By NCAE president Tamika Walker Kelly goes on:

“Make no mistake, an angry mob of armed white people inside of our Capitol, threatening our government, including the very Republican leaders complicit in this attack, is nothing short of terrorism, and it must be condemned as such. We must name it in order for our nation to move forward from this moment.”

While NCAE is going out of their way to shame “angry white people, their words are in sharp juxtaposition to their position in 2019 called out the school districts for not freely allowing their “angry white” teachers to march in a protest during a school day, forcing schools to close.

NCAE Protest. Photo credit Ross D. Franklin/AP

Some angry white people are more equal than the others according to the NCAE. But some violent riots are also better than others for NCAE.

Case-in-point: Tamika Kelly’s support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement’s “Year of Purpose” which demanded North Carolina teachers to push to children in their classrooms.

NCAE’s push for BLM in the classroom came just 2 weeks the after a report in USA Today pointed out that “rioting is beginning to turn people off to BLM":

The narrative “buildings burn at peaceful protest” is Orwellian doublethink in action.

Remember the ‘peaceful’ BLM protest where an innocent man was beaten nearly to death while trying to defend his store in downtown Dallas and then left to die in the street? What about the BLM riot killed David Dorn, a retired black police captain who was shot responding to a store being looted in St. Louis?

Supporting a cause as violent as BLM is something that contradicts with NCAE’s own stated mission:

To be the voice of educators in North Carolina that unites, organizes and empowers members to be advocates for education professionals, public education and children.

NCAE’s enthusism for BLM violence did not go un-noticed in the General Assembly. Last fall, State Senate leader Phil Berger denounced Tamika Kelly for her BLM support:

“The organization’s motto, written by the cop-killer terrorist, comes from a larger work in which [Assata] Shakur also calls cops ‘pigs’ and says murdered officers died “in the so-called line of duty,” Berger said. “Those are the facts.”

NC Senator Deanna Ballard said this of NCAE:

“It’s despicable that the far-left NCAE would encourage North Carolina teachers to pledge their support for a movement that openly embraces a cop-killing terrorist on the FBI’s most wanted list. Police officers in Los Angeles were just targeted for assassination, and this movement honors a cop-killer. The NCAE should withdraw its support, apologize to parents and teachers, and renounce violent attacks on police.”

NCAE’s support of support of violent BLM protests disqualifies the group from weighing in on the Capitol Hill protests but it also should forbid them from having influence over what curriculum should be taught to children as young a 5 years old in North Carolina.



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