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Teacher Advisor to Governor Cooper Hates White Women, And He Wants The World To Know

While publicly lamenting a culture of racism, a 2019 teacher of the year serving on Roy Cooper's Teacher Advisory Committee tweets hostility towards white women.

By: Sloan Rachmuth

The only thing more frustrating than slanderers is those foolish enough to listen to them. Tragically, North Carolina’s public school children are held captive by slanderers who masquerade as teachers.

2019 Teacher of the Year: Rodney Pierce

Rodney Pierce, an eighth-grade teacher at Red Oak Middle School in Battleboro, is among the most vicious slanderers on the state's payroll.

Pierce calls himself an educator, historian, and writer, but his public statements indicate he is little more than a misogynist bigot.

Here's what 'teacher' Pierce thinks of his co-workers who happen to be white women:

How is today's school discipline for black males equivalent to lynching 100 years ago? Does this history 'teacher' know about 16-year-old Eugene Daniel who was lynched to death by whites in 1921 in Chatham County? What about Powell Green, who was killed by an angry mob in Franklin in 1918? If Pierce did, then he would know the difference between sending a student to the principal's office and publicly killing someone without due process because of the color of their skin.

Here's more her-story with Mr. Pierce:

Mr. Pierce was a key drafter of North Carolina's new social studies standards. It's no wonder why the state received a failing grade from the prestigious Fordham Institute earlier this year.

One wonders if Pierce does, in fact, dive into 'the real culprit behind white people in the classroom. Pierce bemoaned the fact that parents were becoming more vigilant about what was being taught in the classroom in an article published in the Raleigh News & Observer last month and then admitted to censoring himself. Probably best that he did, lest he says something like this to the 13-year-olds forced to sit through his class:

You white mothers had better not complain to Mr. Pierce who would call you r-a-c-i-s-t without appreciating the irony of doing so 👇🏻

Pierce doesn't care for any working white women, not just teachers:

Here Pierce blames white women for the killing of terrorist Qassem Soleimani. Okay, this rant may not exactly be a putdown, given Soleimani's killing was a preemptive national security strike that likely saved lives. So this was a baller move by these female execs:

Pierce's public statements seem the kind that would make human resources flag him for a pink slip. Would you imagine the outcome if a white male teacher tweeted hate at a black woman? So why does Governor Cooper hold this guy up as his education guru? That's an easy answer: ‘equity.’



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