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Stopping CRT And Antisemitism Should Be Legislators' Top Priorities

Critical race theory contributes to a climate of discrimination and scapegoating toward religious and racial groups

By: Sloan Rachmuth

Several pro-terror activities have occurred on NC college campuses since Hamas' terror attack on Israel. Perhaps the most notable occurred at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Islamic student groups and UNC's chapter of Democrat Socialists of America (DSA) organized a day of aggression to celebrate Hamas with invitations depicting gliders like those flown by terrorists.

UNC student calling for violent uprising

The Islamists held the pep rally just 4 days after the worst Jewish massacre since the Holocaust. Dozens of students gathered in front of the library donning Hamas terrorist garb. They carried signs calling for Jewish genocide and screamed "We are Hamas" during the demonstration.

The groups characterized the terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians as “decolonial action in real-time,” writing on social media that the group “stands in solidarity with the Palestinian [sic] people in the pursuit of their liberation from colonization and apartheid.”

The incident, and the group's pro-terror rhetoric, are obvious examples of campus antisemitism.

The university's response? Crickets.

Legislation introduced in the general assembly would define antisemitism in criminal law to prosecute and deter hateful acts against Jewish students and their supporters. The "Defining Antisemitism in North Carolina" bill was stalled by Senate leader Phil Berger during this year's legislative session.

The bill uses the State Department and International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance antisemitism definitions.

Aspects of antisemitic acts include:

  • Advocating violence against Jews

  • Using stereotypical allegations about Jews to deny employment or housing

  • Defacing property with anti-Jewish symbols

  • Targeting a Jewish person for harassment because of Israeli government actions

Criticizing Israel's government or policies is not antisemitism, nor is supporting Palestinians.


Antisemitism is not only confined to college campuses but also in K-12 schools. Critical race theory (CRT) contributes to this problem by promoting a double standard and singling out certain groups for discrimination.

K-12 lessons on oppressors / oppressed

Jews are now facing the brunt of this discrimination, just as other groups have in the past.

For three years, Education First Alliance has educated the public on critical race theory (CRT) and its impact on discrimination and violence. These divisive principles are being taught in NC social studies classes and in social emotional learning lessons.

Teaching children to discriminate and demonize certain religious backgrounds or skin colors can lead to hatred and even murder.

We are witnessing the devastating consequences of teaching CRT in our schools.

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