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Soros - Linked Group Comes to NC to Attack Suburban Parents

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

The group could provide a strong call to action for Progressive donors and activists to rally around the cause of silencing suburban parents from advocating for their children.


Despite touching most American households, whether as taxpayers or as parents, education rarely ranks at the top of voters’ most pressing issues.

That has changed, as evidenced by Virginia's election results last November.

Now a well-funded Progressive group has launched in North Carolina to try to flip statewide races to the Democrats by forcusing on education.

According to Red, Wine, and Blue, it is a grassroots organization that aims to get suburban women involved in local politics starting with the school board. Political operatives (posing as mothers) who lead the group are organizing in Orange, Wake, Mecklenburg, and Hayward counties.

The groups’ leaders claim to be “cracking the code on how to engage suburban women.”

To learn how they engage metro moms, let’s turn to their website:

Extremist politicians and outside groups are attacking our kids’ education. In fact, they’ve become SO extreme that they’ve resorted to book banning. They’ve even tried to ban books about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks.
Well, suburban women aren’t having it. This is not the 1950's. Every kid should be equipped for the 21st century, and that means learning real history (not fairy tales) and respecting people across our differences. It means ensuring every kid feels safe to learn and thrive at school.
Join us to make sure our kids get an honest and accurate education.

What’s interesting is that the founder of Red, Wine, and Blue - Katie Paris, has devoted her entire professional life to working for extremist political groups, and then not respecting people across their differences.

Paris advertises herself as an a-political, day-drinking soccer mom from Ohio who’s concerned about her children’s education.

And that's an outright lie.

Katie Paris, Founder Red, Wine, and Blue USA

The truth: Paris is an operative for George Soros' attack network, which targets public figures and companies that support traditional American values. Paris’ LinkedIn account highlights her 18-year track record with Faith in Public Life, Media Matters for America, and the super PAC American Bridge 21st Century.

Paris served as a Senior VP for Media Matters, a highly-controversial organization that uses opposition research to gin up opposition to Republican candidates and causes, and then launch campaigns to get them "canceled" by employers, advertisers, and the public.

Recently, Media Matters launched campaigns against Fox News, Joe Rogan, and others for talking about COVID treatments on air. Before that, the group spent millions trying to silence Conservative news outlets like OANN and Brietbart.

Katie is married to Jeremy Paris, principal of the lobbying firm The Raben Group comprising former members of Barack Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s administrations. The group represents the top Progressive organizations like George Soros' Open Society Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, and the United Nations. The firm has a well-known track record for aggressively pushing LGBTQ issues for its clients like Lambda Legal; Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG); and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

At Red, Wine, & Blue, Paris is joined by Rachel Vindman, the wife of Alexander Vindman, the disgraced former National Security Officer who admitted he made up portions of President Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Zelensky when testifying before Congress during the infamous impeachment hearing in 2019.

Katie Paris admits to taking marching orders from the White House in a recent statement:

"President Biden has put forward an ambitious agenda that has the potential to benefit millions of moms and families. How suburban women talk about it in informal playgroup, PTA and book club networks will help determine its success."
‘Mommifying’ the 2022 election starts now” Paris added.

According to Open Secrects, the Red, Wine, & Blue PAC spent more than $37K on FaceBook advertising during the 2020 election.


Democrat political consultant and activist Janice Robinson leads the group in North Carolina.

Through the group’s “Troublemaker training,” it hopes to recruit activists to counter moms speaking out against schools providing pornographic books in districts across the state. The group also appears to be looking to sue school boards who vote to remove pornographic books from libraries.

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