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Richmond County Survey Allows Elementary Children to Incriminate Themselves

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Surveys sent to us by one EFA member causing deep concern due to the personal and criminally incriminating nature of some of the questions. While the surveys are promoted as anonymous, parents are concerned enough to instruct their children not to participate.

The survey is administered by Pride Surveys who identify themselves as part of a program that

"Using our proven behavior and substance abuse survey for students in grades 6-12, you can collect data regarding:

  • Incidence of alcohol, tobacco and drug use

  • Age of onset of drug use

  • Perceived risk of drugs

  • Parents’/friends’ approval of student use of drugs or threatening behavior

  • Risk and protective factors

  • Discipline problems at school and outside school

  • Feeling of safety at school and in neighborhood

  • Time of day/week for using drugs

  • Ease of obtaining drugs

  • Location of drug use

  • Effect of using drugs

  • Personal and family information

  • Academic achievement

  • Activities at school and in community

  • Family life

Students are requested to either answer the question or whatever is the closest answer to the truth for them.

In addition to basic questions like race and gender, the survey asks for age, which includes an option for children "10 and younger."

The survey then moves on to questions about whether they live with both of their parents, stepparents, as well as whether they or their parents work.

Sections II and III ask children more invasive questions about boundaries, punishment and whether they're involved in criminal activity.

Parents are understandably deeply concerned about this survey which, while they do offer a perception of anonymity, could incriminate their children, as young as 10 (or under) who could unknowingly put themselves, or their parents and family, under the microscope school officials and/or law enforcement due to a slip of the mouse.

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