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North Carolina's Republican School Superintendent Seeks More Funding for Critical Race Theory

Updated: May 31, 2021

As the North Carolina GOP pushes HB324 to stop Critical Race Theory, Catherine Truitt asks the Board of Education for hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for radical programming.

By Savannah Hulsey Pointer

Superintendent Truitt

Education First Alliance President Sloan Rachmuth called out North Carolina Superintendent of the Department of Instruction (DPI) in a Saturday email to members of the General Assembly. Rachmuth pointed out that Catherine Truitt's recent request of $325K of taxpayer funds for continuing critical race theory programming contradicts her party's position, as well as her own statements.

Catherine Truitt's Personal Twitter Post May 13, 2021

“We see that you are requesting that the SBE extend the contract of a Critical Race Theory teacher training system,” Rachmuth said in her email.

“As you recall, ISKME was the vendor for DPI's 9-week Critical Race Theory teacher-training that advised teachers, in painstaking detail, how to censor all K-12 teaching materials based on race, sex, religion, and nationality factors. The training also advised NC teachers to dismantle and to destroy the state's educational system from the inside-out."

ISKME's Tool For Censoring Classroom Material

When asked about the email, Rachmuth said that while she was planning to spend the holiday weekend with her family, this issue was “too critical” not to attend to immediately.

“I was planning to have time off to spend with my family, but I cannot ignore something this important to all North Carolina families. Tax payer funding for the same Critical Race Theory program we stopped a month ago is about to start again under the guise of an Equity imperative after Superintendent Truitt assured us it was not something she would continue to support.”

According to the State Board of Education's meeting agenda for June 2nd, Truitt's spending request directly opposes something she told Rachmuth and EFA member Dr. Nancy Andersen when the pair spoke to her in person:

“Back in April, you removed all traces of ISKME's online training after we exposed its contents to the public. You told Nancy Anderson and me that the training was ‘inappropriate’ and had to be removed. And just last week, you acknowledged in an interview that ISKME's training had been removed because, in part, it trained teachers to stereotype students, and then blamed the "inappropriate" program on your predecessor. Yet now you are doubling down!”

Education First Alliance menbers aren’t the only ones standing against the race-based indoctrination like ISKME provides. Rachmuth in her email points out:

“As you know, the North Carolina GOP strongly condemns Critical Race Theory and censorship, as does the head of our state party Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson. You too have condemned CRT in public, but continue to drive this toxin into all of our classrooms from your DPI perch."

Truitt's budget also committs money coming from the Biden administration's American Rescue Plan Relief Fund to pay for Critical Race Theory trainers and programming across the state. Here is the breakdown:

  • $75K for the Friday Institute for teacher training. The institute partners with Board of Education member James Ford who has accused all white women of being racists, and has repeatedly law enforcement members of predatory murderers.

  • $100K for video lessons NCDPI will contract with former teachers of the year like James Ford and teacher Moriah Morris who is now lobbying the General Assembly for Critical Race Theory.

  • $323K for Culturally Relevant Teaching (Critical Race Theory) programs for the State's educators.

"For months, Superintendent Truitt has urged concerned parents to talk to their local school boards about keeping Critical Race Theory out of their children's classrooms instead of owning up to the DPI's actions," according to Rachmuth. However Truitt was not alone in diecting parents' away from examining the DPI's role in promoting Critical Race Theory across the state. The Republican-backed Northstate Journal recently ran a feature on the Superintendent that read:

"Neither the SBOE, DPI nor the state superintendent has authority over local district instruction decisions, local policies or curriculum materials.
That distinction is important when it comes to the topic of the political bias in the classroom — and the recent uproar over Critical Race Theory — which has frustrated parents across the state looking to the SBOE or Truitt to act."

But Truitt's budget reveals that the DPI has the most important role of all in indoctrinating public school children because it provides the training necessary to trannsform the State's teachers into Critical Race Theory experts.

As for Rachmuth's future intentions, she wrote this in her email:

“We are going to fight back against DPI asking for $325K of taxpayer funds to perpetuate racial incitement and to further a program of anti-American, anti-family promotion, and extreme censorship” in North Carolina Schools.


Click HERE to review slides from ISKME's Culturally Responsive Teacher Training that NCDPI removed from its website in April.

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