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Public outraged by video of Duke doctor supporting grooming and sterilizing children

Updated: May 14


We released video footage of Duke medical school's Director of Gender and Sexual Diversity Initiatives explaining how its doctors choose the "right puberty" for "kiddos." Dane Whicker also explained how important it is for Duke’s interdisciplinary team to get patients on board with going along with the plan that “experts” had laid out for their children.

Whicker's video discussing Duke's child sex change doctors having access to schoolchildren likewise sparked outrage. People are less than thrilled to find out what's going on behind the scenes at Duke Health.

Whicker has been an outspoken critic of anyone who dared to object to child sexualization, sterilization, and mutilation. However, after people condemned him for his video showing enthusiasm for sexualizing, sterilizing, and mutilating children over their objections, he quickly shut down his Twitter account.

Whicker has been at the forefront of lobbying against the Parental Rights bill that would stop the sexual grooming of K-4th graders by, say, Duke school mental health workers. Schools would also have to inform parents if their children try to change their “gender.”

It should come as no surprise that Whicker is fighting the bill that would limit Duke’s child sex change business.

Earlier this year, the NC Senate passed the Parental Rights Bill. It is expected that the House will consider the bill soon and that the sexual grooming provision will be extended to the 12th grade.

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