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PRESS RELEASE:North Carolina's Top Education Group Tested Its Influence in Yesterday's Primaries

The conservative group ousts the State's top-ranking Republican chair of education.


MAY 18, 2022

RALEIGH - Education First Alliance (EFA) has been a lot of things in its brief, eventful history.

The group has been a thorn in the side of Democrats and Republicans, and a rallying point for frustrated voters since its founding in January 2021. EFA members and affiliates have led rallies from Murphy to Manteo, calling for both parties to get serious about preventing racism, protecting girls’ rights, and ending child sex grooming at the hands of the government. Through its investigative journalism arm, EFA has become a crucial resource for people like Greg Pearce, desperate for help after a school in Charlotte called 911 to report his special needs 6-year old for sexual crimes that he did not commit.

“This group helped us when no one else would,” said Pearce.

In yesterday's state-wide election, voters considered twenty-nine candidates endorsed by EFA amid a national reckoning over education. Seventy percent of EFA's candidates (20) won their races.

Sloan Rachmuth, President Education First Alliance

"We're a young organization that has gained visibility during tumultuous times in our country," said Sloan Rachmuth, founder and president of EFA. "Voters are tired of turning out to vote for candidates who make empty promises about standing up for civil liberties," she continued.

“The victory last night for EFA's endorsees such as incumbent state Senator Ralph Hise, who has already proven a commitment to protecting the rights of girls, as well as in-coming Republican nominees Brian Echevarria and Neal Jackson for the statehouse, who both commit to auditing the Department of Public Instruction and reducing its size by fifty percent, shows that the base is serious about changing education, ” Racmuth stated.

The group helped end Deanna Ballard's bid for reelection in North Carolina's 47th Senate District. Ballard is the highest-ranking senator in the majority overseeing both K-12 education and appropriations. "We have seen the state's education system become more WOKE than California's since 2017 when Ballard was put in charge," says Rachmuth. "And when we discovered the Senator was involved with the far-left Hunt Institute, we knew she had to go. We were happy to invest in supporting her opponent Ralph Hise who introduced multiple pieces of legislation that would keep boys off girls' sports teams and sexual grooming out of the classrooms."

EFA also helped end the legislative career of Senator Bob Steinberg from North Carolina's first senate district. The group targeted Steinberg's district after he floated the idea of imposing government regulations for homeschool families in an oversight meeting in March. The group supported Norm Sanderson who joined Ralph Hise in introducing Senate Bill 514 which would make it unlawful for teachers to sexually groom children in the classroom and to keep a child's "gender dysphoria" a secret from parents.


Most Democratic candidates vying for federal, state, and local offices have moved farther left, stating they support "teaching the real history" (CRT) or oppose the removal of pornography from schools.

“In November, people can consider EFA candidates who will come out and acknowledge the fact that government schools are actively sexually grooming children by using tax dollars intended for teaching students to read and do math,” said Rachmuth. “And it will be fun to watch the Democrats spin or deny these facts because we have the receipts.”

Education First Alliance Endorsed Candidates in the 2022 Primary


Sandy Smith - W

Courtney Geels - W

Kent Kiersey - L

Michelle Woodhouse - L


April Wood - L

Donna Shroud - W

Paul Holcombe - W


Ralph Hise - W

Norm Sanderson - W

Warren Daniel - W


Brian Echevarria - W

Neal Jackson - W

Brian Hawley - L

Joe Pike - W


Patty Crump - W


Melissa Mason - W

Taylor Fredrick - L

Pauline Bruno - W

Ken Benway - W

Shannon Davis - W

Joe Preston - L

Jennie Hanifan - L

Jessica Cook - L

Robin Moffitt - W

Tammy Stanley - L

Danielle Hayes - W

Lauren Kitzinger - W

Sarah Absher - W

Angie Todd - W

About Education First Alliance:Education First Alliance fights for the equality of dignity and of opportunity for all K-12 students in North Carolina's educational system.

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