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PRESS CONFERENCE: ECU Health's Child Sex Change Clinic Sparks Controversy in North Carolina

Updated: Jul 5

GREENVILLE, NC: Investigative journalist and Education First Alliance president Sloan Rachmuth exposed ECU Health's child sex change clinic and the harmful practices of pediatric gender dysphoria treatments at a Monday press conference.

Rachmuth told the crowd of 70 people that ECU leaders funded the Pride Clinic for profit and pointed out that CEO Michael Waldrum closed five clinics around the time the child clinic opened.

"They took a private grant, Rachmuth pointed out. "Can you imagine taking a private grant and then commandeering three clinical departments at a state hospital?"

Emails acquired by EFA showed that ECU Health took private, restricted funds from an LGBTQ donor specifically to offer medical transition to children.

She accused Waldrum and several medical school officials of prioritizing sexually transitioning children over diagnosing autism, and preventing heart disease, diabetes, and drug addiction, which are conditions that plague the community.

The CDC reports that 1 in 37 children living in North Carolina receives a diagnosis of autism and is diagnosed at a mean age of three. ECU Health has a lack of providers equipped to diagnose young children with the condition according to providers who recently left the hospital.

Rachmuth said, "Instead of training family doctors and pediatricians to diagnose autism 3 year-olds, ECU is training them to diagnose transgenderism in 3-year-olds - and that has a zero rate of occurrence.

Rachmuth accused ECU Health of manipulating parents and generating demand for gender-affirming care to achieve its financial goals. She criticizes ECU for prioritizing profits over patient care and dignity, citing examples such as their funding of a football stadium while laying off healthcare workers.

ECU Health and its allies like talking head Henry Hinton and state rep Tim Reeder have engaged in a campaign of cover-up, Rachmuth stated. They chose to blame the messenger rather than stop the program which damages the health of families in the region.

In her presentation, Rachmuth exposed the hospital's greed and disregard for patients and revealed disturbing connections to clinics in public schools and potential harm to children.

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