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President of EFA alerts America about transgender toddler programs at NC medical schools

Updated: May 10

We've been told for years that only teens are being treated for gender dysphoria , but that's not true. Watch Sloan Rachmuth and Dr. Nancy Andersen talk about how the healthcare sector has become an activist entity:

Top medical schools in North Carolina are now transitioning toddlers and training future primary care doctors on how to engage in the experimental treatment. Watch Sloan discuss the programs with Ed Henry and Karyn Turk:

This week, the House Health Committee gutted HB808, the Youth Protection Act. See the yellow highlights in the draft version? These parts were removed in the final version passed last night in the House. This means that only surgery will be restricted on minors, not the medical treatments that stop puberty and cross-sex hormones.

Republican House members hint that the bill could be strengthened in the Senate.

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