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Panic mode: Duke and UNC deny ECU, wrongdoing in treating transgender toddlers

Updated: May 19

The possibility of the medical schools losing hundreds of millions of dollars in state funding has its leaders scrambling to cover up controversial treatments on children.

by: Sloan Rachmuth

North Carolina hospitals were thrust into the international spotlight this week after Education First Alliance exposed them for treating children as young as 2 for gender issues.

The practices touted by each of these hospitals are so egregious that the American College of Pediatrics issued this statement:

UNC responded early by scrubbing its website. From the Christian Post:

"An archived page for the UNC Department of Psychiatry’s Gender Equality Psychiatry Clinic stated that the clinic serves patients ages 4 to 30 years old who are “undergoing or exploring all forms of “gender affirming care,” an industry euphemism for chemical and surgical castration and double mastectomies for young girls, among other irreversible procedures.
However, as of Tuesday, the UNC Psychiatry site no longer serves the link for the page with “child/adolescent patient care” under its apparently defunct Gender Equality Psychiatry Clinic, which also has a broken link. "

Last night, Duke, ECU, and UNC released separate, but simultaneous statements via social media. Crisis communication teams were apparently told to stop bleeding but were not informed about the institution's actions. This or they are liars as well.

Let's start with Duke. The term "surgery" has been used as a red herring to distract from Duke's Dr. Deanna Adkins' bragging about treating 'transgender 2-year-olds' (yes, plural).

Now Duke's cleanup crew may assert that endocrinologist Dr. Adkins and her team treat intersex toddlers and not gender-confused tots. If this is true, then Duke is violating the American Medical Association's (AMA) hands-off approach to medically intervening in the natural development of toddlers. From AMA's Ethics Statement:

"Arguments for deferral focus on protecting the bodily autonomy of the child and preventing potential harm that can come from an irreversible intervention. Harms cited that can carry significant implications as a child matures include a sex assigned at birth that does not align with the individual’s eventual gender identity and surgical complications that affect sexual functioning."

Isn't it ironic that the AMA champions intersex minors' "bodily autonomy", while promoting doctors to coerce children into becoming transgender so that they may be experimented on?

For Dr. Adkins's own definition of Transgender, let's turn to a guide she coauthored for the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2016 - the same year she boasted about treating 2-year-olds:

From Supporting and Caring for Transgender Children Guide

In the paper, Adkins also defines Gender transition:

"an umbrella term for the steps a transgender person and their community take to affirm their gender identity. Depending on the person’s age and their individual needs, these steps can include social, medical, surgical and legal changes."

All of this is to say that if Duke's position is that it does not start gender transitions on toddlers, officials have no oversight of Adkins and her associates.

A second of Duke's claims, that "therapies are explicitly not provided to children prior to puberty," is also false.

According to, Duke is giving transgender and nonbinary cross-sex children hormones to study their sleep patterns. Giving high doses of estrogen or testosterone to transgender pre-teens is troubling. But giving them to non-binary children who don’t identify as male or female seems unethical.

In order to recruit patients, Duke Health probably goes all out.

Duke Health is engaged in science fiction, not science. It's full of activists masquerading as doctors and they must be stopped.

Next comes UNC.

At least its communication team knew the institution had engaged in irresponsible and immoral behavior. They just tossed out that "surgery" red herring and then threw Duke Health under the bus for conducting unscrupulous clinical trials on young children.

UNC's modus operandi is to conceal its horrendous behavior post hoc.

Last year its Department of Pediatrics yanked its Gingerbread Genderbread Person & Pronoun Cards from its website after EFA's Dr. Nancy Andersen exposed it. Its pediatric doctors are bold about promoting transgenderism, even to parents.

This week, the institution removed its pediatric gender-affirming care patient intake form which shows that patients as young as three are welcome:

Also missing is a presentation prepared by Katherine Croft, UNC Program Manager for the UNC Transgender Health Program.

According to Croft, the UNC Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic for Gender Wellness administers puberty blockers to children as young as 11 years old.

In UNC's protocol, fertility preservation is included for puberty blocker recipients. These dangerous, FDA-unapproved chemicals cause sterility, according to these clinic doctors.

That's a devastating side effect to carry for a lifetime.

Here's a damning anecdote from the presentation: 60% of UNC patients receiving "gender affirming care" are referred for surgery.

We cannot know if children are included in that percentage due to HIPPA laws. However, we know that once patients start taking medication like puberty blockers, they almost always have sex change surgery.

UNC's entire presentation on pediatric transgender care is at the bottom of this article.

Finally, ECU Health took to Twitter after a one-year hiatus to Tweet this last night:

This contradicts the statement made last year by the director of its newly opened pediatric Pride clinic:

"Gender affirmation care refers to treatments that include surgical and non-surgical treatment to transgender or non-binary people in their gender transition, a time in which a person changes their gender expression or sex characteristics. Dendy said she believes gender-affirmation care for people of all ages should be included in primary care. "

“The literature tells us that kids can start around age four having their gender identity, so we do not want to exclude anybody within the pediatrics realm,” Dendy said. “A big part of our goal is to provide affirming primary care to everybody in LGBTQ+ spectrum.”

If Dr. Colby Dendy misspoke, why is this the first time ECU officials have weighed in on the matter? EFA investigators have also spoken to clinic workers who confirmed the pediatric clinic. We have published several articles on the kiddie clinic. Surely they could have corrected the record earlier.

ECU, UNC, and Duke stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in yearly funding now that the Youth Protection Act is on the table, and their leadership is scrambling to cover up misdeeds.

But they can't.

Other investigative journalists are digging in to find out what doctors want to keep hidden. People inside these institutions are speaking out. The real truth about how these medical schools are treating children may be more shocking than what we already know.

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