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GUEST OPINION: NC Educrats Reject Positive Curricula in Favor of CRT and Transgender Grooming

It's time that North Carolina public schools focus on positives, not negatives. It's time to incentivize, not disincentivize, students. Isn't this what schools are supposed to do?

by: Robert A. Taft

North Carolina State School Board and Superintendent Catherine Truitt

Concerned parents have fought local school boards over Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Transgender grooming with little success. Unfortunately, the school boards are fronts for a much larger problem as they protect the real promoters of CRT and grooming: the NCAE teachers' union.

NCAE lobbied hard for COVID relief funds overtly to transform schools into remote learning centers, but covertly to secure funding for CRT and transgenderism. Of the total federal COVID funds, North Carolina snatched $6 billion.

Together with the State School Superintendent, the radial majority on the State School Board (appointed by Governor Roy Cooper) sets the curricula standards that include CRT and transgenderism. Then, the local school boards likely worked with administrators and the NCAE to determine how this Federal money would be spent. Local boards, which should reflect the desires of the community but don't, listened indifferently behind Plexiglas barriers to parents who protested against extremist curricula.

The results?

  • The state's reading proficiency and math skills are below the national average and North Carolina ranks 33 of the 50 states in quality of education.

  • North Carolina students still ranks fourth from the last in ACT scoring

  • Just 31% of high school graduates “obtain a post-secondary credential of marketplace value by the time they are 24” according to Superintendent Truit


And how has the Educational Establishment addressed these shortfalls? By spending millions more on CRT and transgender programming. The State Board of Education expanded CRT in its updated social studies standards for K-12.

Pouring salt in the wounds, Superintendent Truitt and the State Board of Education just approved $7 million for teaching disabled preschoolers about the problems of whiteness.

Last year Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson released a report on CRT that revealed a “way bigger problem than we thought.” Both houses of North Carolina's legislature passed a bill to ban CRT in public education. But the governor vetoed it and the legislature didn't override his veto.

Left on their own, many parents have had enough. Enrollment in public schools has dropped by five percent (70,000 students). Homeschoolers soared by over 20 percent while private school and charters grew by over 10 percent.


CRT seeks to makes white students feel guilty about being white and black students feel oppressed and hopeless. CRT polarizes the races and transgender grooming strips them of the reality of their biological sex.

Teaching kids whose minds are not nearly mature enough to grasp what they are being taught is a deliberate crime against children. This type of teaching counters positive education: to nurture students, not degrade them.

The positive alternative presented to the educational establishment focused on actual facts that would motivate students, build up their confidence and self respect.

It's time that North Carolina public schools focus on positives, not negatives. It's time to incentivize, not disincentivize, students. Isn't this what schools are supposed to do?

In early February, Republican State School Board member Todd Chasteen quit his post, claiming the Board had shifted away from education towards activism.

Parents had high hopes for Catherine Truitt when she became Superintendent of Public Schools, But her main goal was to get along with the progressive Board members instead of serving her constituents. Now she has a disappointing record of surrendering to the radical elements on the State Board.

Eric Davis, Chairman of the Board, Truitt and others in the establishment refuse to discuss the positive alternative to CRT programming.

North Carolina parents' wishes have been discarded by all parties, demonstrating how insulated and arrogant the educational establishment is.

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