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North Carolina Department of Instruction Re-Writing History

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

This week, a new bias tool was rolled our for North Carolina public school teachers during a 9-week training.

By: Sloan Rachmuth

On March 1st, the North Carolina Department of Instruction (NCDPI) rolled out a professional development intensive to help K-12 educators design their own "culturally relevant, responsive and sustaining" curriculums.

The DPI sponsored "Culturally Relevant Teaching (CRT) Intensive" promises to guide teachers through a "cultural and identity reflection with direct application to curriculum resources." Work shops leaders told educators that they would be instructed in how to “blow people’s minds” and they would learn about “shooting cannons” at accepted curriculum in their classrooms.

During the (CRT) Intensive, 115 educators from across the state were presented with a "Tool for Identifying Bias" for use in "blowing up" assigned their curriculums for teaching classes from music, to PE, to physics. Teachers are encouraged to exclude or alter material that shows Christianity, heterosexualism, two-parent families, and America in a favorable light.

CRT Bias Tool

The tool was co-created by Christina Spears, an assistant at Wake County Schools's Office of Equity Affairs. Spears is behind organizing another controversial teacher conference last year that, like this NCDPI training, was rooted in critical race theory. It featured "sessions on “whiteness,” “microaggressions,” “racial mapping,” and “disrupting texts,” encouraging educators to form “equity teams” in schools and push the new party line: “antiracism.”

Watch this video to see how Spears utilizes the "bias tool" to literally re-write history:

What the DPI is doing through these trainings is ushering in a radical movement in our classrooms which seeks to disrupt the “hegemony of English” and the Western canon by methodically replacing them with progressive garbage.

According to this CRT presentation effort by teachers for teachers to challenge the traditional canon in order to create "anti-racist"(called ABAR) texts that will raise students' "critical conscience," and they are instructed to always "make adaptations, and removals to our curriculum cannons."

NCDPI Culturally Responsive Teacher Training

What do they have to say about Harper Lee? “ Spears tells teachers to alter the text in a way that students will not see "whiteness as the norm" and to manipulate the reading along "racial, class, and gender lines."

This is ignorant insanity . Now readings of the Western canon will be scrubbed of all literary, and moral value and replaced with WOKE characteristics, like skin color, gender, and sexual preference of the protagonist. This is an attempt to erase Western Civilization in real time by Marxists like Christina Spears with an axe to grind, who are deeply insecure and bitingly vindictive about the harmony between races and genders, about the specialness of the traditional family, and about American exceptionalism.

In North Carolina, we must confront those responsible for this CRT training, and demand answers from NCDPI Superintendent Catherine Truitt about this training. Because time is running out.

We'll explore the uncomfortable and unethical brainwashing of teachers by their CRT leaders in our next story in our 3-part series on this new NCDPI teaching system.

View presentation slides from the training HERE.



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