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North Carolina Democrats Support for CRT Will Lead Them to Defeat in the Midterms.

by: Sloan Rachmuth

Democrats in the General Assembly, at some point should address this genocidal statement posted on the Department of Public Instruction’s website:

“We are duty bound to deliberately be anti-racist and to cleanse this institution of every vestige of white supremacy that exists.”

The use of the words 'cleanse' and 'white' together in the same sentence should disturb students of history (as every elected official claims to be). “Cleansing” campaigns always begin with a pattern of dehumanizing language. For example, Turkish leaders called them "dangerous microbes" leading up to the Armenian genocide.

James Ford, State School Board Member

Yet, for 21 months, Democrats have ignored this statement made by State Board of Education member James Ford, who has the intention and the means to bring down the worst abuse upon our school children through policies and programs.

With every passing day while on the school board, Ford has degraded wide swaths of North Carolinians, calling all whites 'racists' and accusing white women of supporting white supremacy.

Democrat Governor Roy Cooper is apparently so enamored with Ford that he re-nominated him to serve on the Board another year.

Ignoring a genocidal statement made by James Ford - a man who helps set the academic standards, conduct policies, and teacher training standards for the state’s 1.5 million schoolchildren - is just part of the Democrats' pattern of condoning racial incitement.

During this year, Democrats either ignored parents' pleas for an end to classroom critical race theory (CRT) that divides children or mocked their complaints. Naturally, the Dems have also used the media to mask and censor credible allegations of racial hostility and discrimination in schools.

There is a limit to what Progressive spin doctors, NCAE liars, James Ford’s false allegations of “white supremacy” can do to bury the truth.

As more North Carolinians learn about CRT's presence in schools and draw negative conclusions about Democrats' support for racist programming, the dam is about to burst.

Earlier this year, a poll involving voters in swing districts revealed that a staggering 61% of respondents agreed that Democrats have been teaching kids as young as five Critical Race Theory (CRT), which teaches that America is a racist country and that white people are racists. The same poll, paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, predicted that Democrats would lose to Republicans by 4 points on a generic ballot.

According to a recently released Manhattan Institute poll, 54% of voters want critical race theory removed from public schools. But when parents were asked this same question, 66% wanted racist indoctrination removed, with well over half of every demographic agreeing.

Dems' education extremism will likely lead to registered Democratic voters voting Republican in the midterms.

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