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NCAE Teacher: The Fight Against Critical Race Theory is a "White Supremacist Movement."

By Savannah Pointer and Sloan Rachmuth

NCAE Member Tanisha Shaw

Another day, another NCAE teacher stoking hatred in the community. The NCAE is desperate to convince the public that the schools are hotbeds of white supremacy and that parents who are against CRT are racists devils. It's bizarre how vile these Leftist teachers are in demonizing White people even though they are entrusted to serve children and parents of all races.

Meet Tinisha Shaw, an NCAE activist and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Specialist with Guilford County Schools charged with ensuring a positive school climate for teachers and children in the district.

In a pinned Tweet, Ms. Shaw tells us what she's about:

So, who is she serving again? All children and teachers, or just some? Can you imagine the blowback if a teacher posted that they celebrate "White women and girls?" It'd be epic.

Unsurprisingly, Shaw does not think highly of parents and lawmakers fighting to stop the racial stereotyping and scapegoating that comes with promoting Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the classroom:

Like all the others with NCAE, Shaw is nothing more than an activist masquerading as a teacher. Here she rallies other teachers to act against parents opposed to CRT by hinting that white parents are threatening to minorities:

It should come as no surprise that Shaw is one of the 3 teachers who are vowing to teach critical race theory in the classroom even if it eventually made ILLEGAL to do so.

Now watch Shaw go after a 20-year veteran school teacher and CRT critic for her skin color. The teacher refuses to force her students to read the fairytale of "Jack and the Bloody Beanstalk" retold with African American Jack and an evil White giant instead of "poems by Maya Angelou to speeches by Martin Luther King, Jr."

What you were supposed to "notice" was that the teacher in the story has white skin.

WOW! It's hard to believe that a teacher responsible for creating a "positive school climate" can be effective in that role given that they feel hated for who they are:

Let's hope that she does not bring THIS toxic race-centered paranoia into Guliford County schools:

Recently, we called out Shaw for her working for James E. Ford's Freedom Hill Coalition. Ford is a North Carolina Board of Education member that has become known for his racist notions and the organization he created to back up his ideals.

Despite Shaw's claims to the contrary, her social media seems to indicate that she is very much in partnership with CREED and Mr. Ford by extension. Shaw has followed up her positive words with actions, including a link the Freedom Hill Coalition (FHC) in her Twitter bio. FHC is a program by CREED that, by their own admission, "epitomizes the radical imagination needed as we chase hard after racial equity in education."

Shaw so believes in FHC's mission that she often uses the hashtag in her tweets:

However, for those who feel that verbal and social support does not a partnership make, there is, of course, the money trail. While it's as yet unclear what (if any) monetary gain Shaw receives from James Ford, here we see Shaw attempting to use the CREED brand whose profits go toward the organization where Ford is the president:

Though her association is clear, it makes sense that Shaw would be hesitant to be associated with Ford, given his previous extreme comments. However, that river could run both ways. Below are a few of the other likely less than popular opinions that Shaw has spoken about on her social media Here we see Shaw engaging in the kind of racist comments that have become all too common among progressive NCAE educators:

Shaw, however, ups the ante, going so far as to say that white children need to be forced to listen to the Brown and Black children in their class, giving no indication that there will be equal opportunity for white children to speak, just that they need to give way to minorities.

Though it might seem the most peaceable thing to do to leave Ms. Shaw and Mr. Ford in their bliss, surrounded by the people they feel merit value, based seemingly on race alone, we find out that they also do not believe North Carolinians should have the choice to leave the public school system. In fact, if you do want to educate your child yourself, you're against democracy (to hear Shaw tell it):

It appears that in Shaw's perfect world, James Ford and his CREED ideology reign supreme, preferential treatment will be given to minorities leaving white children to be singled what sounds an awful lot like penance, and if you don't like that for your child, tough luck because your leaving the public school system "endangers democracy." That is the world of race-based teaching, and it's what the NCAE hack and so-called "SEL" expert advocates for.

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