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NC Legislators want tough punishment for sharing erotica with children. Drag queens protest.

Senate Republicans move to deter adults from sharing obscenity with children.

by: Sloan Rachmuth

A minor change to the state's obscenity bill led to a major upset in the Drag / Trans activist community.

The Prevent Harm to Children Bill was heard in the Senate Rules Committee this morning. Displaying graphically depicted sexual acts or directing an obscene dance in front of children will be a felony carrying possible jail time under the proposal.

"This bill is all about letting the kids be kids," said Senator Jim Perry as he discussed the measure.

Several drag performers from the House of Coxx in Durham traveled to Raleigh to attend the hearing. The group describes itself as "Durham's foremost social justice, consensual sensually minded drag family."

Courtesy: Facebook

Performer Naomi Dix told the Committee that he cares about the safety of children, and "I facilitate space for a good time." The performer is one of the country's most prominent activists for kiddie drag shows. Dix claimed that Republican lawmakers are targeting "trans black women" for no reason.

Naomi Dix

A public show Dix conducted last year with children as young as two in the audience took place after the dragster forced himself on Apex's unwilling citizens and mayor.

More recently, Dix performed at the Moore County drag show during the time of a national power grid attack.

Grace Nichols introduced himself to the Committee as a performer, actor, and filmmaker, and told the committee "drag saved my life." He accused the lawmakers of wanting to "murder, jail, and rob" drag performers of resources. The bill, he said, was "domestic terrorism. "

Dix and Nichols were joined by another House of Coxx performer, Alexandria Webb. He too said he was concerned about lawmakers focusing on trans black women: "This impacts my ability to make income," he told the committee.

Webb probably didn't realize it, but his testimony highlighted the need for the law.

There is nothing in the bill about wearing a wig and lipstick to appear as a woman, or about performing for children in general.

Alexandria Webb and his colleagues know that the bill prohibits the erotic and explicit performances his group has aimed at unsuspecting children. The performers at House of Coxx apparently are worried about losing out on the lucrative practice of offering erotica to children after the bill passes.

Despite these objections, the committee passed the bill and now it will go to the Judiciary Committee. The bill sponsors were Senators Newton of Wayne County; Britt of Robeson County; and Daniel of Buncombe County.

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