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NC House chairman demands child “gender” clinic emails from ECU

Updated: Aug 10


ECU Chancellor Philip Rogers & ECU Health CEO Mike Waldrum

The Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee sent ECU’s General Counsel a request for documents regarding the institution's child "gender" clinic.

In the email to ECU, Representative George Cleveland set a May 26th deadline for 2,904 emails and attachments containing the terms "gender-affirming" and "Pride Clinic" from January 2022 to March 2023.

Chairman Cleveland's request comes alongside ECU's vociferous denials that it has a transgender clinic for children as young as 4.


With its "Pride Clinic" in Greenville, ECU Health treats "gender-related issues" for ages four and up according to its doctors. Treatments include puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and psychiatric "affirming" care.

Entering the child sex change market is so critical to the medical school's new mission that ECU's Faculty Convocation was devoted to discussing its new "visionary" clinic.

ECU’s director of pediatric medical research proclaimed that ECU Health CEO Michael Waldrum and Brody Med School Dean Jason Higginson were an intimate part of planning its “gender-affirming care” clinic for all ages.

The Directors of ECU's child sex change clinic just authored the blueprint for expanding child sex change treatments to rural populations.

In a paper called Rural Perspectives on Health Services for Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth, ECU doctors issued this call:

"Concerted effort is needed to make gender-affirming and inclusive care available to pediatric patients in rural areas."


ECU Health stands to get nearly half-a-billion dollars from North Carolina taxpayers over the next two years. It's understandable why ECU officials are lying about its new medical specialty that the public finds abhorrent.

EFA reported this a week ago:

Despite nine months of EFA coverage of its new pediatric sex change clinic, ECU Health continues to denounce the facts contained in the reporting.

ECU Health’s “Reputation Management” liaison Jason Lowry told WRAL this on Monday:

“the health care system does not offer puberty blockers and offers hormone therapy only after puberty, in limited cases, under guidelines that include extensive mental health evaluations and consent from parents or guardians. ECU Health doesn’t offer gender-affirming surgery to minors.”

Lowry apparently missed our story about ECU’s medical doctors (not therapists) offering to treat a 13-year-old without first reviewing therapist's notes or other records. For those skeptical readers, there is even audio.

Lowry didn’t mention that the list of ECU Health providers claiming to offer medical interventions (not therapy)for patients of all ages had been removed over the weekend.

Here is the archived page:

ECU Health also removed its pages boasting the medical school’s involvement in a program called: Anti-Racist Transformation in Medical Education. The goal of the program? To create doctors who will be activists in routing out “white supremacy culture.”

EFA will have access to the documents due to be turned over to Chairman Cleveland.

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