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NC House Candidate tries, and fails, to get a restraining order against a volunteer

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Is Democrat Diamond Staton-Williams weaponizing the courts against a Republican volunteer poll worker?

by: Sloan Rachmuth


Diamond Staton-Williams serves on the Harrisburg Town Council and is running in House District 73 in Cabarrus County. Education, broadband access, and medicaid expansion are the key planks making up her policy platform. Staton-Williams has also promised to never let her constituents down, and to never hurt them.

But Staton-Williams broke her campaign promise the same day she published the Tweet.

She went down to the magistrate last Thursday claiming that she feared for her life after being stared at by a volunteer for a school board candidate while greeting voters at the polls. The thinned-skinned politician believes that looks really CAN kill, however the magistrate did not agree and refused to grant her an ex parte (emergency) restraining order.

On Wednesday, Staton-Williams is expected to return to court to explain to a judge why she needs a Harrisburg homeschool mom to stay 1,000 feet away from her over "threatening stares."

Let that sink in. A week before the election, Staton-Williams would rather spend a day in court punishing and intimidating a constituent with whom she disagrees than making contact with Cabarrus County voters.

Staton-Williams is vindictive like that.

Members of the Harrisburg Town Council have also experienced hostility and aggressive bullying from the House 73 candidate. Staton-Williams - who believes black people are oppressed at all levels of American society and calls for defunding the police - hounded the employers of her colleagues with emails portraying them as racist in a vindictive crusade over political disagreements. In response to Staton-Williams' particularly vicious email to a company owner, one council member was required to undergo sensitivity training to remain employed.

Scientists who study human behavior agree that past behavior is a predictor for future behavior, and that habitual behaviors are the most predictive.

Staton-Williams has come for her constituents and her colleagues, and she will ultimately come for each of us if elected to serve in the General Assembly. This is how punitive tyrants-in-waiting operate. They're going to make it more and more difficult for dissenters from their world view to peacefully participate in society.

The best way to stop Staton-Williams, and others like her, is at the ballot box.



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