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NC Health System Will Dispense Drugs to Children Behind Parents' Backs

Charlotte-based Atrium Health tells parents they have no right to know what medication their child is taking.

By: Sloan Rachmuth

TikTok Libs today highlighted a problem the General Assembly can fix tomorrow if they want to.

CarolinaCARE is Atrium Health's home-delivery pharmacy service. The health system's service area covers Charlotte, Concord, Winston-Salem, Lexington Columbus, and Davie Counties.

CarolinaCARE's notice has parents outraged, but the organization is following the law. This policy would allow minors to receive birth control pills, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, antidepressants, and cross-sex hormones for "gender" changes.

Here's what we wrote about the North Carolina's law back in August:

Excluding parents from medical records and healthcare decisions.

Though federal HIPAA laws give parents access to their children’s medical records until they turn 18, the right to access these records falls under state law.
In North Carolina, parents cannot access their child's medical records once they turn 12. Providers often ask parents to step out of the room during exams.
In other Southern states like South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama, parents can see their child's records until 18. Even New York state parents aren't shut out of making health decisions for their minor children.
Why do North Carolina lawmakers believe physicians have the right to conduct exams outside parents' control?
GOP legislators are taking steps to regain parental rights and protect children, which is a welcome development. But state lawmakers must continue to aggressively enact family-friendly laws and policies to keep parents voting Republican.


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