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North Carolina Trains Teachers and Students to Become Anti-American Activists

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

NC Department of Instruction offers a 9-week "Culturally Responsive Teaching" intensive that is training teachers to "disrupt" schools and America because they are both built on "White Supremacy."

By: Sloan Rachmuth

This week, City Journal associate editor Christopher Rufo wrote a shocking expose on Wake County Public School System's February 2020 teachers’ conference with sessions on “whiteness,” “microaggressions,” “racial mapping,” and “disrupting texts,” encouraging educators to form “equity teams” in schools and push the new party line: “antiracism.”

Ruffo, with the help of education journalist A.P. Dillon, reported that more than 200 North Carolina public school teachers were subjected to what amounts to brain washing:

At the first session, “Whiteness in Ed Spaces,” school administrators provided two handouts on the “norms of whiteness.” These documents claimed that “(white) cultural values” include “denial,” “fear,” “blame,” “control,” “punishment,” “scarcity,” and “one-dimensional thinking.”

That Wake County conference formed the basis of the North Carolina Department of Instruction's (NCDPI) new Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) teaching system rolled out this month to teachers statewide. NCDPI offered two CRT courses in 2020, but its March intensive is the first comprehensive state-wide roll out and appears to coincide with the impending rollout of the new critical race theory-based social studies curriculum.

The new system provides a way to infuse critical race theory into every subject and at every grade level. Teaching critical race theory has been criticized for being intentionally divisive and anti-intellectual. For these reasons, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis moved to ban critical race theory from classrooms; and states like Iowa, West Virginia, and New Hampshire are following suit.

North Carolina's CRT teacher intensive is being offered March 1 - April 26th and promises to "engage educators on a cultural and identity reflection with direct application to curriculum resources," so that new, "remixed" resources can be "openly shared across the state of NC," according to NCDPI's now-removed webpage. 115 educators from across the state are attending the CRT intensive according to NCDPI employee Pam Bachelor, co-presenter.

Screenshots of NCDPI's Culturally Responsive Teaching Program

Screenshot of NCDPI's Culturally Responsive Teaching Program

NCDPI's program uses teaching materials from the New America Foundation, headed by Google's CEO Eric Schmidt, with Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, and George Soros as its largest donors. Those who were involved in efforts to stop Common Core ten years ago will recognize this cabal of donors.

Our journalism team reviewed NCDPI's training material and recorded and watched 4 hours of the CRT teacher training (removed from the web after we launched our investigation) and here's what we can report:

Lead CRT instructor Josh Parker, Anti-racist. Director at Unbound Ed (the "Math is racist" people) explains that CRT "centers on the culture of students that have been historically marginalized," which is later defined as everyone without white skin. Parker instructs teachers to inject race in every lesson they teach:

In this video, Parker justifies the need for CRT by claiming that the school system is racist, vicious, and is purposefully structured to ensure the failure of black children. Parker promises to instruct teaches ways to "disrupt" schools and explains that the CRT approach is meant demolish the current education system. Parker also admits that teaching children to become political activists is the desired endpoint.

Teachers learn that teaching CRT will require them to put themselves and their students into racial and socioeconomic buckets to predict future behavior, aka "stereotyping," which is racist. But it makes sense for CRT - a Marxist program through-and-through- to erase individualism because it is the core of American culture and the most symbolic integral part of American values. Watch this clip and see the manipulative manner in which teachers are instructed on how to practice racism in their classrooms:



On her candidate survey published in September on the Vote On Purpose website, NCDPI Republican Superintendent Catherine Turitt suggested that lower minority reading and math scores were reflective of racism in North Carolina. For Truitt, "implementing Culturally Responsive Teaching and assessment practices that recognize the value of all learning" was a solution to the problem.

Critical race theory opponents, like Republican Lt. Governor Mark Robinson have argued that aggressively politicized curriculums and re-writing history to conform to a "white supremacy" narrative will cause, not only social upheaval, but a dumbing down of public school students.

But NCDPI's teacher training could cause something else: Thousands of teachers who are keen on teaching students in a colorblind manner will likely flee North Carolina for Florida, Iowa, West Virginia, or New Hampshire.

This is Part 2 of a 3 part series on NCDBI's Culturally Responsive Teacher training. Read Part 1 here. View presentation slides from the training HERE.



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