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Duke's Transgender Doc partner with schools

Updated: May 8

Through a partnership with the Department of Health, Duke psychiatrists have access to hundreds of schools.

by: Sloan Rachmuth

Duke Health is home to doctors pursuing the most aggressive child sex change practices in America.

Some Duke doctors treat 2-year-olds for "transgenderism." Others recruit children as young as 12 to take hormones not approved by the FDA to participate in a research study.

Still, others specialize in helping children achieve “the right puberty” through the use of drug cocktails with permanent side effects.

Duke's doctors publicly promote the notion that children don't belong to parents, but to 'experts' who want to sexualize them from an early age.

Sound like hyperbole? Listen to Duke psychologist Dane Wicker talk about the importance of maintaining the transgender clinic's access to classrooms:

“Having access to schools has been a really important part of our clinic’s practice,” said Wicker. We want to make sure that we are able to get to work with our educators and our principals,” to create top-down LGBTQ “edicts” for all classes.

“We really do want to have close partnerships with schools to keep our children safe,” Whicker stressed.

Whicker specializes in helping "transgender individuals seeking medical transition.

He made these comments in a video to lobby the public against the Parental Rights Bill that would restrict sexual grooming in schools.

Whicker appeared with his colleague, Duke's lead child sex change doctor Deanna Adkins who boasts about treating transgender 2-year-old toddlers.

The NC Department of Health and Duke Psychiatry has an agreement to provide guidance to teachers in 130 schools so they can deliver counseling directly to students. Duke counselors likely instruct school staff to send children to them for more intensive treatments.

Duke pediatrician Charlene Wong spearheaded the program as she also serves as NCDH's Assistant Secretary for Children and Families. Wong told WCNC this at the time of the program launch:

“Schools have definitely expressed the desire to have this kind of support because they have seen a rise in children having these mental health issues that are happening at school that are impacting their ability to learn the ability of school staff to teach."

Dr. Wong is also part of the team of doctors at Duke who are experimenting with changing the "gender" of children.

In March, Wong served on a panel with the Duke clinical team that runs the child sex change program in March.

The discussion topic? How to medically transition minors to another "gender." Watch her nod approvingly as America's leading child sex change doctor talks about the irreversible damage of puberty blockers:

Can it get any worse? Yes, it can, and it does.

Duke is recruiting children as young as 12 years old for a study that puts them on hormones to observe their sleep. The lowest recommended age for starting this experimental treatment is 14.

What better place to recruit minors than in schools?

Dane Whicker is not only working on Duke's sex change team, but he's also directing research with a specialty in gender identity, and sexual orientation. His sycophantic fervor about Duke's interacting with school children now makes sense.

North Carolina allows children of any age to consent to psychiatric treatment, these children could be facing these manipulators alone.

Listen to Whicker discuss manipulating parents into allowing the "experts" to use puberty blockers on their child to ensure that the "kiddo goes through the right puberty."

He says the repercussions of going through the "wrong puberty" are "pretty awful," and mentions nothing about the drugs causing permanent sexual dysfunction or sterilization.

Children and their parents are hearing this high-pressure, dishonest sales pitch for these dangerous drugs all the time. That is why we need laws restricting the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors.


The House voted last week to pass the Youth Protection Act with Democrats Michael Wray and Garland Pierce voting along with Republicans.

The Health Committee gutted an earlier version of the bill which would have also banned controversial puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors, and attempts by psychologists to brainwash children into thinking they were born the wrong sex (or no sex at all) only to receive dangerous drugs.

The highlighted parts of HB808 were scrapped from the version of the bill that passed the House.

Duke counselors and physicians already have access to schoolchildren through various partnerships. Without restoring crucial parts of the Youth Protection Act and passing it, the child sex change industry in North Carolina will be emboldened to take even more liberties with children.

North Carolina Senators need to decide if they want to protect children from sexualization, sterilization, osteoporosis, mood disorders, seizures, and cognitive impairment - all widely-reported side effects of transgender treatments. If they do, they'll put restrictions on puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and trans-conversation therapy back in HB880 is key.


Watch EFA President Sloan Rachmuth discuss Duke, UNC, and ECU's transgender toddler treatments that each of the institutions has promoted.

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