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MUST-READ: Here's How Your Tax Dollars Fund The Racist 1619 Project

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

By Nancy Andersen with Savannah Hulsey Pointer

Parents across the nation are experiencing growing concern about the 1619 Project and what it means for racism teachings in schools.

The Department of Education, under the Biden administration, is funneling federal grant money to the 1619 Project and other equally troubling progressive educational movements.

The proposed rule from the Federal Dept of Education will enable federal education funds for "projects that incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse perspectives." The rule specifically cites:

  1. 1619 Project

  2. "Scholar" Ibrahim X. Kendi & anti-racism work

  3. African American History Smithsonian Museum

The rule DOES NOT MENTION the retractions made by the 1619 project and the falsities inherent in it. It DOES NOT MENTION Kendi's controversial use of prior grants or flaws in his CRT based work. It DOES NOT MENTION the retracted infographic from the Smithsonian last year listing such things as "being on time" and working hard as qualities of whiteness/white supremacy.

Furthermore, there is no accommodation for grants towards balanced viewpoints from, say, the 1776 Unites project. Nor is there any acknowledgement of age-appropriateness (so 1619 could be in kindergarten). Also concepts and words are poorly defined.

This is federal intrusion on local schools and k-12 education. This essentially legitimizes CRT as a federally support method of instruction, and will tap into nearly a billion dollars of available funds to promote its use in k-12 education.

Politicians--including republicans who contribute to this mess as well--follow money. Academics follow money. This is essentially Common Core on crack. Common Core started with federal grants for Race to the Top, and has been an objective failure.

There is a comment period until May 19th. Here is the link to the rule and you can read yourself, and link to send the government a comment this is not to be supported:

A good review was written by Jonathan Butcher of Heritage:

Another good review written by Stanley Kurtz is here (he also links to model legislation for states to combat this):

We need to educate other parents, teachers and principals that this is real and it is happening, and billions of tax payer money will be used to incorporate 1619 and systemic racism etc into k-12 curricula.

State legislation is needed now!

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