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Medicaid expansion will pay for thousands more child sex changes

A vote for Medicaid expansion is a vote to provide even more children with free sex changes. North Carolina has not passed a bill to restrict Medicaid funding for the controversial treatments that sterilize and mutilate minors.

by: Sloan Rachmuth

The expansion of Medicaid in North Carolina will help grow the state's child sex-change industry like never before.

Last summer, the North Carolina Senate passed a bill that would expand Medicaid. The Republican supporters of expansion claim the move will somehow attract more workers and create jobs in the state. Left-wing cheerleaders claim the move will cover 125K families.

Medicaid expansion, they say, will help families get the medication and treatment they need for conditions such as diabetes, mental health problems, cancer, and others.

This part sounds good. Taking care of the health of low-income children, the elderly, and the disabled is a moral imperative for North Carolina.

But Medicaid covers this stuff too:

  • Penis and testicle removal for healthy boys under 18

  • Hysterectomies for healthy girls under 18

  • Double-mastectomies for healthy girls under 18

  • Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for children under 18

  • Vagina construction for boys under 18

  • Penis and testicle construction for girls under 18

This list of “medically necessary” covered treatments comes from Centene, one of North Carolina’s main vendors for Medicaid. In Centene's clinical policy, gender dysphoria must be clinically diagnosed and the patient must have lived in their preferred gender for 12 continuous months, but that process can start with a pronoun change.

Centene defines “gender” this way:

“Gender identity is a person’s deepest inner sense of being female or male, which for many is established by the age of 2 – 3 years.”

This unscientific hogwash explains why North Carolina’s child sex-change clinics like UNC and ECU start treating children for gender dysphoria at 4 years old. Behold: There is a profit motive undergirding the indoctrination of preschool children into believing they were born the wrong "gender."

Expect to see more programs like ECU's Safe Zone training that train teachers how to identify and refer young children to these gender clinics. Schools are the new hunting grounds for new customers, especially since taxpayers are financing windfall profits to this child grooming & mutilation industry.

North Carolina isn’t called the state of “medication and education” for no reason.

Taxpayer-funded child sterilization and mutilation
Average national costs of sex reassignment treatments.

According to the NC Department of Health and Human Services, one in four residents is already receiving Medicaid benefits.

North Carolina is one of nine states where Medicaid coverage for child sex changes is not addressed in state statute or policy. The Youth Protection Act proposed by Senators Hise, Warren, and Sanderson in 2021 would have banned giving puberty blockers to children, as well as sex-change operations for those under 21.

Taxpayers concerned about the price tag for these pricey elective treatments will be told that the Feds pay for 74% of the state’s Medicaid services. That reimbursement rate could go up to 80% - 90% if lawmakers agree to expand coverage.

So, how do the Feds get the money to spend so lavishly on child sex changes? From you.

At present, there is a 15.3% federal payroll tax rate, where workers pay 7.65% employers pay 7.65%, and the self-employed must pay the full 15.3%.

The Hyde amendment blocks Federal spending for abortions, yet child mutilation is covered at 50 times the cost. Regardless of whether or not the funds come from the state or the Feds, money for this evil comes out of the budgets of North Carolina families and small business owners.

It's not just financial objections. Americans seem to oppose these treatments because of the irreversible effects they have on children.

Banning child sex change therapies is a rare issue that receives bipartisan support. A national survey conducted in October found that nearly 80% of American voters oppose surgical transgender procedures and treatments for minors.

Some of the loudest voices against sexually grooming, and then sterilizing children come from the LGBTQ community. Leader of the national group "Gays Against Groomers" has encouraged Trans adults to sound off in defense of children.

Transgender adults Dr. Erica Anderson, a psychologist, and Dr. Marci Bowers, a surgeon, are among a growing number of experts making public their concerns that children may undergo irreversible treatments only for their gender dysphoria to disappear as they age.

Notably, Left-wing media outlets, such as the New York Times and Reuters, have recently given critics of "gender-affirming" treatments a platform, signaling a shift in public opinion.


Centene Corporation Clinical Policy on Gender Reassignment Policy.

Centene Medicaid
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