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Forced Vaccinations, CRT, Pornography, and the Vindictive Left.

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Left-wing extremists pose a clear and present danger to our children. That's why we need to intensify our efforts to restore sanity in schools.

By: Sloan Rachmuth

Last night, Wake County Public Libraries announced that the pornographic book "Gender Queer" will no longer be available.

County spokesperson Alice Avery told CBS17: “After the review, WCPL determined that the book does contain explicit illustrations that do not align with WCPL’s selection policy.”

The book, depecting sex acts between a man and a boy, has been in adult circulation since 2019, according to Avery.

The Wake School Board has been hearing from parents for more than a month about the distribution of "Gender Queer" and other such books to children as young as five in school libraries.

Members of the Wake County school board are unmoved by parents' complaints. They refuse to take the books down.

Before Wake County, parents in neighboring Orange County repeatedly pleaded with their board to remove pornographic books from Cedar Ridge Middle School in Hillsborough. The police escorted one outspoken father off campus for complaining, and parents were prohibited from showing signs with eye-popping pictures from the books at meetings.

Following a review of "Gender Queer," "Lawn Boy," and "George;" Cedar Ridge's principal decided to keep offering the books to children. His reason? Gay students "see themselves" in the materials available at school. This explanation is preposterous by design.

Let's return to the Wake County Public libraries.

Compare and contrast the county library’s swift removal pornographic materials it offered to adults with the public school’s giving the proverbial “middle finger” to concerned parents. Administrators and school board members in Wake and Orange County have become downright vindictive - often doubling down on insanne, dangerous policies just to get back at parents for complaining.

It isn't just administrators who are spiteful, and it isn't a problem unique to Wake County.

Recently a statewide campaign paradoxically called “Movement for Safety, Truth, and Reason in Schools” launched to counter parents complaining about porn-for-children, as well as about critical race theory and masking policies.

Recruitment Ad for “Movement for Safety, Truth, and Reason in Schools”

The movement claims to be made up of parents and teachers who seek “some semblance of normal life that gives our children positive educational experiences and allows parents to work knowing their kids are safe at school,” according to its webpage.

Here are “normal” things that these movement members think will lead to “positive educational experiences” for children:

  • Forced vaccinations

  • Forever masking

  • Lessons in racial stereotyping and scapegoating

  • Porn literacy - teaching children how to appreciate the raunchy genre

But masking children's sweet faces while they are ridiculed for their skin color does not bring positivity to the classroom. Traumatizing them with readings about pedophilia to normalize a Sodom and Gomorrah-type atmosphere is also not a good strategy.

Like Wake and Orange County Schools, this group's platform is the opposite of what an overwhelming majority of parents and teachers want, and they know it. Good education policy is not what motivates the Left. Vindictiveness does.

"Movement for Safety, Truth, and Reason in Schools" is organizing people across the state to to push these insane policies. So, keep coming to meetings, bring friends, and stand your ground.

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