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Is Duke Health hiding evidence of experiments on transgender toddlers?

The medical school associated with the hospital scrubs pages of the researcher who claims to be working on a way to diagnose young children with transgenderism.

by: Sloan Rachmuth

Duke University Medical School

Duke Health, has removed sections from their websites concerning "gender-affirming care" (sex changes) for pediatric patients.

The institution is in the throes of a public relations crisis over the revelation that its doctors are “transitioning” children as young as two.

After EFA's story received 4.5 million shares, Duke Health released a statement via social media. In it, leaders claimed that its doctors adhere to evidence-based guidelines and that parents have the final say on how their children are treated. Duke denied transitioning pediatric patients, counteracting statements made by their own child sex-change doctors.

A few days after Duke published its statement, Dane Whicker's Psychiatry and Scholar’s biography page disappeared.

Whicker, Duke’s co-director of its “Sexual and Gender Diversity” research initiatives admitted on video that having access to school children is a critical factor for the success of the program.

When Whicker’s bio pages reappeared, some notable nuggets had been removed.

This says it all: “Active research program includes projects focused on body awareness in transgender youth and measure development for pediatric gender dysphoria.”

Whicker distinguishes between pediatrics (young children) and youths (preteens and young adults); then admits Duke is developing a tool to diagnose very young children with transgenderism.

The stated goal of Duke’s Sexual and Gender Minority Health Program (transgender medical program):

“ to transform research and healthcare for millions of sexual and gender minority individuals—that is, members of the LGBTQIA+ community—and to become the leader in research, patient care, education and policy for sexual and gender minority health in the southern U.S. and the Global South. The DSHP will draw on, and attract, talent from across the university to work with interdisciplinary teams to understand health needs and rethink health care for this vulnerable population.”

This is from the Duke’s symposium website:

“Duke is the only medical school in the southern states with a child and adolescent gender clinic, an adult gender clinic, a sexual and gender minorities primary care clinic, a top public policy school and global health institute.”

This recent coverup by Duke is yet another scandal.

It's time for the public to know the truth about what happens in Duke's clinics.


According to Dane Whicker's bio page, he was promoted from medical instructor to Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Watch Whicker talk about having access to school children:

Whicker discusses selecting the "right puberty" for children to go through:

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