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Here's How it's Done: Removing Pornography From Schools

By: Staff

Following Lt. Mark Robinson's call to remove pornography from schools, nine Wake County citizens filed criminal complaints against the state's largest school district on Tuesday.

They accuse Wake County Schools of distributing "obscene and pornographic material" through several controversial books: Lawn Boy, Gender Queer, and George.

The Lt. Governor recently displayed these shocking images from "Gender Queer," a book that author Maia Kobabe hopes will help children struggling with their gender identity feel less alone.

Many parents with children attending schools where these books are located disagree with furnishing minors with books like "Gender Queer."

“Gender Queer” and other books like it, are easily found online on Wake County Schools’ library app. A parent reported that her 8-year-old could see graphic material through a school-issued iPad.

Wake County Schools prohibits children from gaining access to obscene or pornographic material. This is stated in WCPSS Policy Code #3225-4312-7320A Section C titled: Restricted Material on the Internet:

School personnel shall take reasonable precautions to prevent students from accessing material and information that is obscene, pornographic or otherwise harmful to minors, including violence, nudity or graphic language that does not serve a legitimate pedagogical purpose. The superintendent shall ensure that technology protection measures are used and are disabled or minimized only when permitted by law and board policy.

North Carolina also has a law against providing pornography in schools: Chapter 14. Criminal Law § 14-190.1 Obscene literature and exhibitions. The law sanctions giving material to minors that depicts or describes sexual conduct in a way that is clearly offensive to the average person applying contemporary community standards.

The "Gender Queer" author defends his book as a necessary tool for homosexual children likely because the law applies to materials without serious literary, artistic, or scientific value.

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