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Guess who showed up to protest North Carolina's Parental Bill of Rights

Updated: Feb 6

Senate committee hearings on the legislation this week featured a who's who of professional agitators in the Triangle.

by: Sloan Rachmuth

Natasha Marcus, a freshman senator from Mecklenburg County, portrays the opposition to the Parental Bill of Rights as unbiased, community-minded professionals, which is simply not the case.

One well-known rabble rouser who showed up to tell the committee that teachers, not parents, have the most interest in a child's life was Tamika Kelly-Walker.

Is senator Marcus aware that Kelly-Walker represents the NCAE teachers union as a well-paid lobbyist? Behold:

Recent job postings by the NCAE indicate that the organization pays $100K and up, nearly three times the teacher starting salary in North Carolina. Kelly-Walker gets paid well, no doubt, to be a thorn in the sides of Republicans seeking to reform the state's failing school system.

Other well-paid spokespeople against the Parental Bill of Rights came directly from child sex-change clinics in the Triangle.

Dr. Deanna Adkins

Dr. Deanna Adkins founded North Carolina’s first child-sex change clinic in 2015, Duke’s Child and Adolescent Gender Care Clinic - something she did not disclose when she spoke before the senate’s Healthcare committee.

Adkins told the committee that parents already have rights, and passage of the Parental Bill of Rights would “erase and victimize” LGBTQ students and result in “suicide and homicide.”

That would be horrible, if true. But scientists like Adkins know the unprovability of non-existence, and thus, the good doctor was merely grandstanding before the committee.

Sarah Wilson, Duke Department of Psychiatry

Another shill for Duke’s pediatric gender clinic, Sara Wilson, told the committee: “My professional opinion as a licensed clinical psychologist is that this bill will make our children less safe.”

Wilson told the committee that healthcare providers, not parents, know best how

to show children “compassion,” and said healthcare workers “can be prosecuted” if they deviate from a “code of ethics.”

Wilson hasn’t read the School Mental Health Act of 2020. If she had, she’d know that mental health workers in schools receive qualified immunity, making it virtually impossible for parents to hold them legally responsible for malpractice.

Yet another reason to pass the bill.

Terri Phoenix, UNC

Terri Phoenix who identifies with the gender-neutral pronoun “T,” introduced her/his self as a “queer trans masculine” parent concerned about children being forbidden to discuss their queer families at school.

Phoenix is the Director of the LGBTQ Center at UNC and an ACLU Transgender Advisory Board member. “T” concealed those facts during the hearing.

It's hard to imagine a more interested party than employees of these child sex-change clinics at Duke and UNC since they stand to lose their strongest marketing channel - the public schools. The last thing Adkins, Phoenix, and Wilson want is for the demand for child sex changes to dry up as they have in the UK and Sweeden.

Chelsea Johnson

Another “neutral” clinician who showed up to comment on the bill was Chelsea Johnson, “a lesbian-identified provider who has over 11 years experience working with the LGBTQIA+ population.” According to her website, Johnson specializes in giving teens medical clearance to undergo gender reassignment procedures.

Ms. Johnson: "This bill doesn't just harm LGBTQIA+ people and families, it leads to oppression and increases the chance of negative mental health outcomes, like PTSD, suicidality, and more."

This “expert” never explained how exposing 6 and 7-year-olds to sexual politics in the classroom, or requiring schools to inform parents about changes in children’s mental health would cause suicide. Expert clinicians like Dr. Erica Anderson, a Transgender woman herself, argue that children are harmed when parents are left out of the gender-change process.

This obvious fact underscores the importance of passing this bill.

Another commenter against the legislation was Karen Ziegler, a retired Greenwich Village minister who organized Moral Monday protests outside Republican lawmakers' offices from 2013 to 2014.

Ziegler said, "What adolescents need is an adult they can trust, but they can't always find that in their parents. It took decades for my parents to accept me as a lesbian. Kids need caring adults in school, Ziegler claimed, "this bill breaks that relationship of trust."

Ziegler's comment offers insight into the minds of Progressives: "Kids, trust the government, not your parents. Accept the non-judgemental, "militant" Left's attitudes, beliefs, and values - reject your traditional, God-fearing family before they reject you."

There is no better poster child for the need for the Parental Rights Bill than Karen Ziegler.

North Carolina, we are entering into an unprecedented era of political gaslighting. Partisan hacks with a pecuniary interest in grooming and mutilating our children will masquerade as “unbiased experts” and circulate alternate narratives (i.e lies) to garner opposition against legislation meant to protect families and children.

You can expect Democrats like Senator Marcus and her media friends to elevate these hacks, and Education First will continue to uncover and expose the truth of the child grooming lobby.

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