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Gender Unicorn Follow Up

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

School districts in Colorado are using the mythical one-horned creature to groom children into Transgenderism.

By: Sloan Rachmuth

Last month, Lt. Governor Mark Robinson noticed the public that he intended to "fight against the leftist culture warriors who are trying to indoctrinate our children" after discovering that the Gender Unicorn tool was being used at the state's most venerable learning institution this summer. The North Carolina Governor's School is the nation's oldest statewide summer residential program for gifted high school students, and it operates at the direction of the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).

First introduced in 2016 by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools for "Transgender Training," the Gender Unicorn assisted children with discovering who they "go to bed as" and who they "go to bed with," according to the district. CMS eventually abandoned its plans to use the purple creature after outrage from parents who believed it was a stealthy way to confuse children about their biological sex.

The illustration comes from the Trans Student Educational Resources, a national organization founded to teach trans activists to be organizers. The graphic's creator describes the "Unicorn" as being able to fly off, "escaping the limitations of gender binary." The illustration derives from the TSER (Trans Student Educational Resource), a national organization that teaches trans activists to be organizers. TSER has this to say to the parents of children all across America:

For adherents of "queer theory," like TSER, the difference between "sex" and "gender" lies in the biological vs. the psychological and social. For queer theorists, gender is thus "socially constructed" for, unlike biological sex, gender is assigned by society and can be changed through socialization. Under this theory, any child is free to choose their gender, and teachers are now instructed to guide students as young as five on how to do so.

Enter in the Gender Unicorn

Our friend Chrissy Clark at the Daily Wire reports that in Colorado, the Gender Unicorn is being used in a teacher toolkit to support "Transgender & Gender Expansive/Nonconforming Students." The toolkit directs teachers to inform parents if elementary children exhibit "persistent gender dysphoria," which seems a logical consequence of repeated exposure to lessons steeped in queer theory.

If children are over 11 years old, the guide discourages teachers from telling parents about "persistent gender dysphoria" in their children because doing so may "lead to a child being kicked out of the home."

We do not yet know if school districts in the Tarheel States discourage teachers from telling parents about students' gender dysphoria. However, we know that the Governors School unapologetically presented the Gender Unicorn to its students this summer.

As for Superintendent Catherine Truitt whose DPI manages the program, she believes the case of the Gender Unicorn is closed. In a recent radio interview on Talk 97.3 in More County, the Superintendent assured listeners that the teacher who presented the troubling graphic had been told not to do so again. Truitt also said that even though her DPI "administers" the Governors School's programming, the department has no control over what teachers choose to present to students.


North Carolina was one of the last schools in the Union to re-open after the pandemic, which has undoubtedly caused an uptick in depression and anxiety among children brought on by social isolation. The COVID shutdown was also academically unkind to students, according to data put out by the DPI during an August 5th school board meeting. 66% of North Carolina students are currently "not proficient" in Math, and over 50% are not proficient in Reading.

With the use of the Gender Unicorn and other gender-expanding teaching instruments, teachers will be guiding struggling students to choose whether or not to be he, she, them, it, we, or some bizarre designation in the world of socially constructed gender instead of learning math and reading It's no wonder the state's parents are pulling their children out of public schools left and right.

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