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FOLLOW UP: Pitt County Principal Gaslights About Plans to Sexualize Children Amid Plummeting Scores

Updated: Jan 8

Farmville Principal soft-pedals her intentions while material from ECU's Safe Zone Training reveals the real aim of the course.

By: Sloan Rachmuth

Last week was rough for a Pitt County elementary school principal after she was exposed (not literally) for bragging about child sexuality training on social media.

Residents of Farmville, North Carolina shared their thoughts about the training with Allison Setser, principal of Sam D. Bundy in Farmville:

“I wouldn’t be ok with them asking mine at any age. That’s not their place. But in elementary it definitely better not happen. Just makes no sense what so ever.” wrote one Pitt County parent.

In an attempt to rebut Education First Alliance's report, Setser explained that attending the Safe Zone at East Carolina University was an attempt to help LGBTQ K-5 students get access to education and to allow her staff to develop professionally.

Setser proclaimed, "As a 27-year educator, I have worked countless hours to cultivate an environment of respect within our school community," implying that one needs a four-hour course to treat all students and parents with dignity.

Setser’s self-promoting claim of being a stellar educator would be credible if she (and others like her) committed to creating an "environment of respect" for the majority of Sam D. Bundy’s students.

A week before the training, a report revealed Sam D. Bundy students had not recovered from learning loss caused by COVID closures, unlike most other North Carolina students. Students had not met the reading benchmarks set by the state, and though the school exceeded expectations in math, it still scored a "D" in the subject. In fact, the school received a “D” on this year the state's school performance report card.

Under Setser’s leadership, K-5 students have suffered dramatically since 2015:

North Carolina School Report Card Results

Principal Alison Setser

We would expect to see photos of Setser studying data to learn what other schools are doing to improve performance if she is sincere about respecting the needs Sam D. Bundy's families. Or, perhaps we'd see snapshots of her completing courses on improving math instruction. Because the ultimate show of respect for all families, gay or straight, is to ensure that their children can read and do math.

Has Setser given up on closing the achievement gap now that the fervor of the Black Lives Matter movement has waned? Black students, who make up forty-four percent of the school's population received an “F” performance grade from the state last year. White students, on the other hand, scored a “B.”

Setser claims she is trying to understand students and help "families seeking support for their children," so wouldn't it make more sense if she spent her free time listening to black families and community leaders on how to supplement minority learning? Because her leadership has failed them, in particular.

Despite any denial, one aim of the Safe Zone Training is to build a curriculum around sexuality. But absent from Setser’s letter was an explanation as to what a sexuality lesson for 3rd or 4th graders will look like.

ECU's website confirms what we already knew: Safezone Training creates footsoldiers (they call them allies) in the gender-bending movement that destroys families at a minimum, and castrates and mutilates at a maximum.

Think that’s hyperbole?

Below is a screenshot from a WNCT-TV feature showing material used in the training. Circled is the flag for “Transgender Pride,” and below that are gender-pronoun tags with a bumper sticker created by Trans-activist Rae Senaraghi.

In spite of what leaders of the Safezone Training would have you believe, there is a major movement within the gay community to distance itself from the Trans ideology because the movement seeks to erase homosexuality and women’s rights. Similarly, there is a movement spearheaded by the gay community to ban the sexualization of children in classrooms called "Gays Against Groomers."

The training’s push of the radical group “Gay-Straight Alliance” into K-5 is deeply troubling. The GSA Network isn’t subtle about its Marxist objectives. According to a recent expose, the organization endorses calls for the “abolition of the police,” the “abolition of borders and ICE,” the payment of “reparations” to minorities, the “decolonization” of native lands, the end of “global white supremacy,” and the overthrow of the “cisgender heterosexual patriarchy.”

The paradoxical juxtaposition of the safety of gays with polices like defunding the police and open borders demonstrates the faulty logic of the brain trust behind the GSA Network. Also, do they realize that eliminating heterosexual sex would spell the end of the human race? Probably not.


The truth is, Alison Setser is not unlike other principals across the state who are transforming school programming in a way that virtue signals to the WOKE elite. News stories across America spotlight schools like Sam D. Bundy every day as infuriating examples of schools being about the adults who run them instead of for the children who need them.

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