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EXPOSED: NCAE Lies About the Anti-Critical Race Theory Movement

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

By: Sloan Rachmuth

Last week the bill to ban racial stereotyping and scapegoating in public schools was advanced by the GOP leadership in the Senate:

As for banning critical race theory, NCAE members didn't like it.

NCAE member from Charlotte

White politicians = bad. Got it? But this "teacher" also made white parents the evil strawman when it came to opening the schools after nearly a year of faile virtual "learning."

Know who else is mad at white people because of North Carolina's new proposed anti-CRT legislation? None other than "G-d Damn America" James Ford who sits on our State's School Board thanks to Governor Cooper.

The guy who works tirelessly to besmirch the memory of MLK by claiming that "colorblindness" is racist now pays homage to this great civil rights leader? How fresh. But James Ford is so desperate to stop this anti-CRT bill that he claims that doing so will lead to violent "White" backlash.

Um, was Ford sleeping through the last year of daily news footage of violent BLM riots? Of course not because James Ford is WOKE!

Last week we featured another NCAE "educator" with a low opinion of white people.

What about people who oppose critical race theory?

Shh. Don't tell her, the Lt. Governor is Black.

Of course, James Ford and his merry band of NCAE race-hustlers will make inflammatory, false claims to silence others so that they can keep misbehaving in the classroom. For them, the truth no longer matters. But these radical extremists are fooling no one.

Hear what our EFA family (who are very obviously not white supremacists) says about the dangerousness of critical race theory.

All Americans know that critical race theory practioners like James Ford and NCAE members weaponize ideas, concepts, and theories to divide classrooms in order to recruit children to join the Marxist movement.



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