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EFA Interview: Critical Race Theory Dumbing Down America

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

By: Savannah Pointer

Last week, EFA President Sloan Rachmuth interviewed former Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans Terris Todd. Currently a Program Manager for the Heritage Foundation, Todd said that organizations like EFA are on the right track in pushing crtitical race theory back at the State level due to the unprecedented amount of Federal funds coming from the Biden administration intended to go towards top down programming (think: Common Core).

Todd detailed some of the anti-intellectual aspects of critical race theory programming in our schools, as well as what parents and parent-led groups can do to ward off racist or damaging teaching in our schools saying that CRT is "bigotry and racism trying to fight bigotry and racism."

When questioned about what steps parents should take on a day to day basis Todd was clear some of the most effective things parents can do is to hold legislators accountable, go to the offices of their local officials, call elected officials and for itemized budgets to see where their tax dollars are going.

Todd also updated EFA's members about the great strides that the Heritage Foundation, and others, are making to educate parents and equip other socially conservative groups to push back against critical race theory and other racist elements in schools, including resources available at and for the "latest and greatest" up to date news about CRT.

"Keep at them," Todd said near the end of the interview. "In the end we're gonna win, big time."

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