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Education First Alliance's reporting leads to bills protecting girls sports

Our viral story prompts bipartisan action to ban boys from competing as girls in high school and college sports in North Carolina.

It seems mainstream media covers up, not exposes, the unfair and dangerous effects of boys competing against girls in sports.

At Education First Alliance, our mission is to fight for the dignity of equality in North Carolina's K-12 education system. Our team worked with locals in Western North Carolina to break a report about an unfair playing field in sports.

Last October, we published a story about an incident involving a biological male playing on a girls high school team. During a girls' volleyball match, the male volleyball player launched a high-speed ball into the face of high school volleyball player Payton McNab causing severe injury.

Video of the incident:

The story turned viral, even catching sports media's attention.

Our report also caught the North Carolina General Assembly's attention, which led to the passage of the Fairness in Women's Sports Act yesterday in the House. It also led to a companion bill proposed in the Senate.

Thanks to these bills, school sports designated for females will no longer be contested by biological male transgender athletes.

Payton McNab told her own story to the North Carolina House yesterday:

"I might be the first to come before you with an injury but if this bill doesn't pass, I won't be the last," she told the committees.

McNabb also spoke about her ongoing health problems after being injured by a male athlete: constant headaches, impaired vision, partial paralysis, anxiety and depression.

Payton McNabb testifies

From our October 2022 report:

During a girls' tournament last month, a male Highlands High volleyball player pelted a female Hiwassee Dam High player in the forehead with the ball during a return.
The Hiwassee Dam player, a biological girl, suffered severe head and neck injuries, resulting in long-term concussion symptoms, including vision problems. The girl has still not yet been cleared to play again by her primary care physician or a neurologist.
With a 5-1 vote, the Cherokee County Board of Education declared the event a "safety issue" and canceled all remaining games against Highlands High.
Biological boys playing against girls on the volleyball team is dangerous and unfair, as these Cherokee Board Members correctly pointed out. This fact is supported by studies (and common sense).

A study of players in an international competition revealed that males are significantly more effective than females at “attacking” the ball toward their opponent's side. A player's body momentum generates incredible power on jump ball returns, and that's a natural advantage for males. Check out the video again to see the maneuver where the male player spiked the ball into the Hiwassee Dam's player's face for example.

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research also confirmed male dominance in the sport. The jump height and explosive power of males are significantly higher than those of females, according to scientists.

The House bill Fairness in Women’s Sports Act will ban “students of the male sex” from participating in athletic teams “designated for females, women, or girls.” A new version of the bill applies to college sports in addition to middle and high schools.

Some Democrats joined Republicans to vote 73-39 in favor. Reps. Michael Wray of Halifax, Garland Pierce of Scotland, and Sara Willingham of Edgecombe supported the legislation.

Now the bill goes to the Senate, which already filed a companion bill.

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