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Updated: Jan 8

RALEIGH, NC – Today Education First Alliance congratulates eighteen conservatives on their election to school boards across the state.

Education First Alliance President Sloan Rachmuth released the following statement:

Education is central to the cause of freedom, and Education First Alliance knows it begins in the classroom. We celebrate the election of pro-academic champions to North Carolina school boards, knowing that they are fighting on the frontlines to restore achievement and merit in our state's K-12 education system. As the Left attempts to replace high academic achievement with racial and sexual indoctrination in the classroom, these men and women will never stop fighting for high-achieving schools in their communities.

North Carolinians value education because it drives social mobility and equality. For far too long, the Left and the teachers’ union have sought to take K-12 education from parents and municipal governments. As parents and school boards seek local solutions to community problems, Education First Alliance supports the synergy between the two.

We’re proud to have endorsed these candidates during this election cycle, and we are proud to continue standing with them in the fight for academic excellence in North Carolina’s K-12 schools.”

Education First Alliance recognizes the following conservative candidates on their election and reelection to school boards across North Carolina:

  • Steve Kwiatkowski (Bladen)

  • Robin Moffit (Brunswick)

  • Laura Blackwell (Cabarrus)

  • Lauren Kitzinger (Craven)

  • Matt Brauer (Dare)

  • Ashley Carroll (Davidson)

  • Taylor Fredricks (Granville)

  • Shelia Dale (Henderson)

  • Gene Scott (Martin)

  • Shannon Davis (Moore)

  • Pauline Bruno (Moore)

  • Ken Benway (Moore)

  • Melissa Mason (New Hanover)

  • Ruben Castellon (Hoke)

  • Angie Todd (Onslow)

  • Gary Sides (Union)

  • Wing Ng (Wake)

  • Steve Wood (Winston-Salem - Forsyth)

Education First Alliance is North Carolina’s conservative resource that works to elect conservative, pro-academic candidates up and down the ballot with a goal of upholding the cause of freedom through education.

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