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ECU to sue Education First Alliance for reporting its “gender” clinic, says Greenville broadcaster

by: Sloan Rachmuth

Republican talk show host and ECU ambassador Henry Hinton told his listeners that ECU will sue Education First Alliance (EFA) to prevent further reporting on its pediatric transgender program.

On Friday, Hinton said:

"if this woman from Raleigh continues . .I’m hearing that there’s a really good chance they (ECU) are going to sue and I hope they do.”

Over the past week, Hinton has repeatedly called for ECU Health executives to sue EFA to prevent reporting on the hospital he says “is not true.”

Taking Hinton's advice and attempting to silence EFA's reporting will escalate this disturbing situation to unprecedented levels.

The cocksure radio host claims that through his own investigation, he has confirmed that ECU does not offer “transgender care for children under 18.”

The findings of Hinton’s "investigation:"

"Here’s what happened, you have a faculty member who released a statement saying we’re going to start this stuff, we’re going to do all these things for gender transitioning and offer these services.”
“However it wasn’t anything that the administration or the Board of Trustees, of anyone at ECU, had any knowledge of.”

Is that so?

Hinton missed the part in the video of this year’s faculty convocation where the chair of the Sexual and Gender Committee boasted about bringing pediatric “gender-affirming care” to ECU.

Guess who was sitting 15 feet away grinning and nodding approving? ECU chancellor Phillip Rogers.

If Hinton watched the video, he’d have seen ECU’s director of pediatric medical research proclaiming that ECU Health CEO Michael Waldrum and Brody Med School Dean Jason Higginson were an intimate part of planning its “gender-affirming care” clinic for all ages.

Think about that.

Chancellor Rogers sat unconcerned while the woman responsible for conducting medical research on children at ECU announced plans to offer experimental treatments that are banned in European countries.

Rogers knew that ECU planned on experimenting on children for research purposes because several presenters said so.

Most disturbing is ECU's “visionary” new pediatric clinic will help transition children behind the backs of parents:

Keep this in mind: The Left says “gender-affirming care,” when they mean child sex change. Whether it's medically supervising a child’s social transition, giving them puberty blockers, hormones, or surgery - it's all designed to medically “affirm” a child’s desire to appear as the opposite sex.

Various departments at ECU have advertised treating children as young as 4 with these transgender treatments - and they’ve done it repeatedly for well over a year:

To deny that ECU is "gender transitioning" children is ludicrous.

It begs the question: Did Henry Hinton really conduct his own investigation? Or is he so desperate to avoid a “Bud Light” moment of losing advertisers, that he’s willing to cover up ECU’s pediatric sex change practices?

It’s a fair question.

Hinton owns multiple radio stations that have exclusive licenses to broadcast ECU football and men’s basketball games. It’s understandable that upon hearing what the hospital is doing, Hinton’s advertisers might get queasy about having their names associated with ECU.

Hinton is “Mr. ECU.” He graduated from the school and started his career by doing game play-by-play for the Pirates. He’s been one of ECU’s biggest boosters for decades - and he makes sure no one forgets it. He prides himself on helping to build its medical school.

But it’s surprising that he declines to rail on ECU’s leadership for destroying the once-great school as other alums have done.

We have reported that the medical school is underwater and relies on millions from taxpayers to survive. If legislation that bans giving transgender conversion therapy and hormones to children passes, ECU’s medical school could lose millions in needed revenue.

Hinton knows this.

He could have gone on air and called for ECU to stop offering children treatment that will cause sterility and possibly cancer, severe osteoporosis, depression, and suicide. Instead, he goes on air, day after day, and lies about the atrocities ECU admits it is committing in our names.

Instead, he shoots the messenger, but he missed.

Henry Hinton does this for the worst reasons of all: money and greed.

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