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ECU pediatricians trained by crazy doctor featured in “What is a Woman”

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Eastern Carolina pediatricians are being trained that children are ready for trans hormone therapy 'whenever they ask for it' and that doctors can 'pause' hormones 'like music with the same drugs used to chemically castrate pedophiles

by: Sloan Rachmuth

  • The staff of ECU Health’s Pride Clinic for child sex changes got accepted into Fenway Health’s Transgender Pediatric training program

  • It’s given by America’s most radical child sex change activists, including abortionist and child sterilizer Dr. Michelle Forcier featured in the What is a Woman documentary

  • The documentary featured an interview with Forcier telling Matt Walsh that puberty blockers are "wonderful" and able to slow down puberty temporarily.

As ECU doctors prepared to open its Pride Clinic, they applied to the Fenway Institute's Pediatric Trans Echo program for training on diagnosing and treating “transgender” children. ECU internal emails indicate that Pride Clinic doctors were selected to participate in Fenway's virtual training program from July 2022 to June 2023.

As part of the exclusive training, rural doctors get to learn under the country's most prolific transgender activists with medical degrees.

Among the “doctors” involved in the training was Dr. Michelle Forcier, a professor of pediatrics at Brown University’s Alpert Medical School. Forcier appeared in the runaway hit from Daily Wire, What is a Woman which has been viewed over 200 million times on Twitter alone.

Forcier claims that even infants know that their gender "identity" is separate from sex and that it is never too early to start transgender treatments. She also described puberty blockers as "wonderful," but abruptly ended the interview when asked about Lupron - a pill used to chemically castrate pedophiles.


The EFA team reviewed the training that ECU doctors Colby Dendy and Angie Methai received at Fenway Institute to learn more about the Pride Clinic's model of care. The training consisted of nine 2 hour webinars with supplemental reading material.

According to the program orientation, doctors are expected to bring back what they've learned and begin to practice with patients.

Here’s what participants learned:

1. Children of every age must be screened for transgenderism. If two-year-old boys want to play dress up or with Barbies, they may be trans:

2. Doctors must screen at 3-years-old, transgender treatment can start on toddlers:

3. Transitioning toddlers is safe (even though ECU Health's Pride Clinic is allegedly not doing it):

4. Use of manipulative, leading questions during a routine exam weaken a child's personal boundaries and, confuse them about their sexuality. Therefore, it is the preferred method for eliciting a positive response when screening children for transgenderism:

5. When screening young children, doctors should use friendly props to encourage confessions:

6. Doctors are encouraged to begin a secret relationship with the child and to be prepared to diagnose and treat children behind their parents' backs. Starting at 11 years old, sexuality screen should be conducted with parents outside the exam room :

7. Pediatricians can help "encourage" conversations about sexuality with their patients by using pronouns:

8. What if parents are 'stubborn' and refuse to call their little Ethan by Erin and by she/he pronouns? Doctors are instructed to tell parents that if they don't cooperate in the rouse, then they will be accomplices to their child's suicide:

The most disturbing nugget of the training surrounded guidance on what not to tell parents.

In several places, the training acknowledges that most children outgrow harboring a desire to present themselves as the opposite sex. Yet doctors are trained to keep that critical information from parents. For Fenway Health's "experts," a child's feelings in the moment matter regardless of their potential to change.

Besides turning pediatricians and family doctors into sexual groomers, the training filled their heads with medical "facts" that are dangerously disputed. This misinformation puts vulnerable children at risk of receiving life-altering treatments after being manipulated by doctors into thinking they are 'born in the wrong body.'

Overall, the training documents a lack of clinical consensus on gender dysphoria, the diagnostic process, and even whether a diagnosis is necessary to begin medical treatment, as well as the true risks, and outcomes of medical treatment.

The cherry-picked studies used in Fenway Health's training have not been able to replicate the positive results, but that was never mentioned. The irreversible harm caused by puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and underlying assumptions such as puberty blockers acting as pauses have been exposed in recent studies.

In March, for example, the Norwegian Healthcare Investigation Board announced it would revise its standards for pediatric “gender-affirming care.” The new guidelines ban the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and transition-related surgery for children because the benefits outweigh the risks.

Other European nations, such as Finland, Sweden, and the U.K., have also restricted gender-affirming care for minors.

However, training participants like ECU doctors have been left without examining the raging international and national debate about the evidence for child “gender” treatments.

With ECU, UNC, and Duke offering to trans toddlers, North Carolina is one of the most permissive states for child sex changes.


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