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ECU Health removes the directory of its sex-change docs

Updated: May 19, 2023

With self-inflicted wounds, the hospital is in a crisis.

By: Sloan Rachmuth

Despite nine months of EFA coverage of its new pediatric sex change clinic, ECU Health continues to denounce the facts contained in the reporting.

ECU Health’s “Reputation Management” liaison Jason Lowry told WRAL this on Monday:

“the health care system does not offer puberty blockers and offers hormone therapy only after puberty, in limited cases, under guidelines that include extensive mental health evaluations and consent from parents or guardians. ECU Health doesn’t offer gender-affirming surgery to minors.”

Lowry apparently missed our story about ECU’s medical doctors (not therapists) offering to treat a 13-year-old without first reviewing therapist's notes or other records. For those skeptical readers, there is even audio.

Lowry didn’t mention that the list of ECU Health providers claiming to offer medical interventions (not therapy)for patients of all ages had been removed over the weekend.

Here is the archived page:

ECU Health also removed its pages boasting the medical school’s involvement in a program called: Anti-Racist Transformation in Medical Education. The goal of the program? To create doctors who will be activists in routing out “white supremacy culture.”

When ECU Health's CEO was begging the General Assembly for $215 million to expand its medical school, did he skip the part about training doctors to disrespect and harm patients based on their skin color?

Bet he did.

As at UNC and Duke, ECU leaders believe North Carolinians are stupid. They think healthcare consumers will merely take them at their word without independent investigation.

Its leaders are weaponizing healthcare against North Carolina families and taking billions of state and federal dollars to do it. They want us to look away while they do it. We will not.



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