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Duke doctor giving puberty blockers to second graders.

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

by: Sloan Rachmuth

Duke doctor Deanna Adkins admitted she gave puberty blockers to 8-year-old patients during a recent interview with the North Carolina Medical Society.

Following EFA's report last month that Adkins treated transgender toddlers, Duke officials launched misinformation campaign. They communicated through various channels, including press releases, social media, and interviews, that Adkins was not treating transgender children. This is despite EFA's report documenting precisely that.

Here's what Duke's communication team told the Associated Press:

Duke Health said clinic staff simply provide support and counsel to families with young children wrestling with gender identity. For prepubescent children, “there is parental support, but no testing, no treatment, not anything,” officials said in a written statement.

Listen to the video again. Hear the masked doctor saying she treats prepubescent children.

In yet another case, Duke's leading expert on sex change makes a public claim to the contrary.

Duke officials, like ECU officials, removed web pages related to its child sex change programming. The changes occurred shortly after media inquiries began. The university refused to answer questions about the contents and purpose of the pages. It is unclear why the websites were removed and why they denied their child sex change policies and practices.


The lead doctor at Duke's Child and Adolescent Gender Care claims that gender identity is not only the preferred basis for determining sex, but “the only medically supported determinant of sex.” Every other method is flawed science, she claims:

“It is counter to medical science to use chromosomes, hormones, internal reproductive organs, external genitalia, or secondary sex characteristics to override gender identity for purposes of classifying someone as male or female.”


According to researchers at the American College of Pediatrics, puberty blockers may actually cause depression and other emotional disturbances related to suicide. One of the most commonly prescribed puberty blockers in America, Lupron, lists “emotional instability” as a side effect and instructs prescribers to “monitor for worsening psychiatric symptoms during treatment.”

These interventions in children have been described as experimental and dangerous by many medical organizations around the world, including the Australian College of Physicians, the Royal College of General Practitioners in the United Kingdom, and the Swedish National Council for Medical Ethics.

Pediatric sex change treatments have been called one of the greatest scandals in medical history, according to world-renowned Swedish psychiatrist Dr. Christopher Gillberg, who called for an immediate moratorium on puberty blocker drugs because of their unknown long-term effects.”


Chuck W
Chuck W

This should be shared with all NC legislators and they should stop any funding to Duke for their lies.

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