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DPI: Lookout for "White Racial Entitlement and Dominance" in Special Needs Classrooms.

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

It's the next step in the Department of Public Instruction's quest to turn K-12 students into racists.

By: Sloan Rachmuth

Special needs students in North Carolina's public schools will now receive targeted Black Lives Matters and Critical Race Theory (CRT) interventions as a way to help them "manage emotions, set and reach positive goals, and feel empathy."

The DPI administers public school laws at the direction of the State Board of Education and Superintendent Catherine Truitt. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is now part of all twelve academic subjects in K-12 via a program called Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). According to DPI’s website, SEL is used as a “lever for equity.”

In math, reading, and science classes, students will learn these non-academic Marxist principles:

  • Resisting selfishness for the collective

  • Engaging in identity exploration and coming to a resolution about one's own identity

  • Examining the importance of collective identities

  • Recognizing one's biases and deriving constructive meanings of social identities

But for students with special learning needs, DPI recommends Black Lives Matters material and Critical Race Theory (CRT) teachings as a way to help get them on the right track.

From the Behavior Support section of DPI’s website:

DPI's Behavior Support site links special needs teachers to SEL resources, which contain the following incendiary passages:

“White elites promulgated racialized and cultural stereotypes to recruit poor and working Whites into a hierarchical economic system that exploited them, but also empowered them to oppress and further exploit people of color. Meanwhile, these stereotypes inculcated within people of color a sense of dehumanization and willingness to accept marginalized status.” CASEL SEL

Is the author of the training guide referring to CASEL's funders Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates? These two white elites are exploiting 7.9 billion people of every color all around the world.

Here's another gem from CASEL SEL:

“norms are even more problematic when wealth and Whiteness are conflated and uncritically accepted as indicators of success. This fosters a sense of White racial entitlement and dominance, as well as negative biases and stereotypes about people of color and those from low-income backgrounds.”

By problematic "norms," the authors at CASEL mean the undergirding of the American legal system and Jude-Christian values.


“Most Black children in the United States encounter racism in their daily lives. Ongoing individual and collective psychological or physical injuries due to exposure and re-exposure to race-based adversity, discrimination, and stress, referred to as racial trauma, is harmful to children’s development and well-being.”

“Children of color across the country experience racial trauma every day without receiving broad public attention.” Child Trends

Reading through these Behavior Support materials, it is clear that every child in the state's schools will be racially traumatized if teachers follow DPI's cookbook. Almost all of these behavior resources emphasize the importance of teaching white children how they benefit from White privilege.

Despite the fact that the DPI website clearly shows CRT lesson plans, Superintendent Truitt maintains that she opposes it.

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