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Dirty Tricks: NC Board of Education Democrats take control of charter school funding


Eric Davis, NC Board of Education Chairman

The Democrat majority on the State Board of Education pushed and approved an amended charter school policy on Thursday. This policy says state and federal funding can't be given to existing and renewed charters unless the board approves.

The newly-created Charter School Review Board will have to submit its decisions to the education board approval.

GOP board members pushed back because against Democrats gave no prior notice of the measure. Democrats also did not follow the board's policy of waiting a month before adopting a policy.

The North Carolina Charter Schools Coalition (NCCSC) says the new policy violates state law by separating charter school approval from funding approval.

Republican lawmakers passed a law granting the Charter Review Board final authority over charter school decisions. Democrats are furious that 8 of the review board's 11 voting members are appointed by the GOP-controlled General Assembly.

According to the NCCSC, there are 77,000 families on charter school waitlists, and the legislature has streamlined the approval process to satisfy this demand.

More than 67% of North Carolinians support the Opportunity Scholarship Program according to a poll from the Carolina Partnership for Reform. It's no wonder why. The Board of Education reported 804 low-performing schools and 25 low-performing school districts across the state.



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